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10 Cool Tie Knots

10 Cool Tie Knots You Should Try On

You’re what you are putting on. Ties could do the magic of creating the monotonous office going shirts appear like a million priced thing. When the man can sport it very well then he will be able to easily manage to catch the attention of everyone out there. The following are the leading ten cool tie knots that you must try on:

The Eldredge Knot

Opposite to vast number of tie knots, this one has been produced through using the little end as an active end, forming tapered fishtail braid-like impact. It is a subtle and elegant looking knot that would definitely leave that great impression.

Trinity Knot

This particular knot that look likes the Celtic Triquetra. It is a 3-way symmetry knot which looks so attractive. The pattern converges at the central point, creating an extremely eye-catching impact. It may seem a little intimidating in the first glance, yet the movements are extremely simple and easy.

Van Wijk Knot

This long and slender knot forms unmistakable and striking layered tubular effect. A very cool knot that is best suitable for those people who usually wear thin collared shirts you can pair with a vest.

Rose Knot

This particular knot is the most ideal hit on the V-day. You should work on your romantic side while you suit up and then tie this amorous neck tie knot that has been crafted looking like a rose.

Ellie Knot

Simple to tie & carry, this basic alternative for Eldredge knot that consumes less cloth, leaving the tail which lets you loosen or tighten it the same with the normal Windsor. It works great with the semi-wide neckline openings.

Truelove Knot

It’s an extremely difficult knot that requires a significant amount of practice. Consider a lined tie for that explosive effect. This knot has been divided to 4 quadrants, which is the best choice for those teenagers who want to try something great and unique.

Boutonniere Knot
For broad collar openings, this particular knot is a nice option as it was characterized by the long loops of it. Suitably, it’s best preferred to be worn when attending semi-formal occasions.

Cape Knot
This loosened-up knot works great with the mono-colored ties & never passes overlooked. It’s just the easier edition of the Atlantic knot that substantially enhanced the aesthetic value of it.

Four in a Hand Knot
This asymmetrical, slender, simple to tie and self-releasing knot is suitable for normal button-down dress top and it works best with broad neck ties that are made using heavy fabrics. It’s best suitable to wear it on the semi-formal events if you want to be discreet.

Merovingian Knot
When you’ve seen the film “The Matrix”, you would simply recognize this particular knot that has been sported by Merovingian. It is a special knot that appears like your tie is really wearing another small tie.

These are the leading ten cool tie knots that you must try today. Choose what fits best with your suit and have that handsome and attention-magnetizing look.


Bret Rakfeldt