10 necktie tips

10 Tips About Necktie You Need to Know

You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips About Necktie You Need to Know


Men’s neckties are worn around the neck, under the collar of a shirt and knotted for decorative purposes that could help to emphasize your fashion and style. It may be a simple piece, however, it can bring your attire in the most impacting level if you wear it appropriately.


There are plenty of men’s tie selections according to their colors, shapes, knots, and patterns. If you exactly know how to choose the best ties that coordinate it with your collar or shirt, then you could be artistic.


We also want to provide you useful tips to boost your confidence in wearing a tie.


1.    Match your tie with the event or occasion you are attending. During formal events,  you would usually wear a tuxedo. Pair it with a tuxedo bow tie to suit your attire. You can also wear skinny ties for tailored suit attire which is close-to-body fit and slender cut. They are a very trendy type of ties. Complete the set with a tie bar to give it a polished look.


2.    If you would wear a shirt with a wide spread collar, pair it with a knot with a triangular shape and make it look better by using a silk tie.


3.    In knot tying, it should be positioned above the topmost button of the shirt. There are men who like to wear it loosely, but that would only go for informal events.


4.    Do not wear a wider necktie if the collar of your shirt is smaller. These two negate each other and make sure the border part of the necktie is covered with enough width of the collar.


5.    If you are lean and tall, you should go for a small but longish knot that nearly ends in the middle part of your belt buckle.however, if you have a thicker neck, choose a wider knot with a proportionate width.


6.    Ensure that the tie has no folded marks or wrinkles when you wear it. Even if you just wear a simple suit or cheap neckties, it is still most important if you have a neat-looking tie.


7.    It is very informal to wear a tie if you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt because these two does not match together. Remember to pair neckties together with dress shirts and suits.


8.    The most common color of suit that people got a mistake is blue. Do not wear equal colors for both your suit and ties. When wearing a bright blue shirt, match it with a neutral blue tie or one with a light color.


9.    If this is your first time and you are in doubt about the specific color of tie that should match your attire, it is safest to wear a white dress shirt, charcoal or dark navy suit and pair it with any color of a tie.


10. To leave a positive impression to anybody who also attends the same event, finish the touches of your attire by adding pocket squares and wearing custom ties.




 Bret Rakfeldt