3 necktie tips

3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

The purpose why you wear a necktie is to enhance your appeal while you carry your overall attire with pride. You aim to have others glance at you and make their jaw dropped with awe. Wearing a tie is not just simply wearing them, but they must also be emphasized.

Some men even spend money to buy a designer tie like Jerry Garcia ties, Ralph Lauren, and other popular brands. Cheap bow ties often have basic violet color and you should be careful in pairing them with your suit if you choose them. We want to help you look stunning using different factors we want to share with you.

Color of the Tie

The first tip when using color as your basis in looking for a tie that suits you is to match it with the color of your suit or shirt. The appropriate way is shirt and tie must have contrasting colors and so must suit and tie, too.

If you want to look sophisticated, bow ties are cool if paired with your cool blue suit. You can use a green tie or royal blue tie to match it. You can also try a blue tie that contrasts the color of your shirt. Another option is to pair the red tie which is also called a power tie with your shirt with a light color.

It is called power tie because it can capture anybody’s attention. The white colored dress shirt and dark navy three-piece suit matched a pink tie or blue bow tie.

The other trick is to match the color of your tie with your particular features. If you have a light colored hair but have a low contrast fair skin, you can select monochromatic and pastel colors. However, if you have a dark hair a high contrast light skin, choose a color of a tie with defined lines on them.


This can be the trick that most men find it hard to choose. Just remember that the pattern of your tie should not conflict with your suit’s or shirt’s pattern to avoid them from clashing together. It looks cool if you pair your thin-striped shirt with a polka dot tie.

But if you want to use a striped tie also, make sure that the width or size of its stripe is different or you may use a plaid tie as an alternative. Using a wool tie is also the best match for a smooth jacket.

Knot tie

The knot tie should compliment the style of the collar of the shirt or suit. Collars have two types, one is the narrow point and the other one is the spread collar. The bigger the tie knots, the greater it requires more tie. The best tie knot for a spread collar could be the Windsor knot.

Mixing patterns, color, and knot styles is an art which needs an intuitive thinking. You can also use your own artistry to match your own suits or dress shirt with an attractive neck tie.



Bret Rakfeldt