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3 Ways to Have A More Appealing Necktie

3 Ways to Have (A) More Appealing Necktie

It can be challenging for men to choose the best tie that matches with their attire. Every single detail requires attention like patterns and colors of the suit, dress shirt, and tie. A tie may just be a small piece of cloth, but it is open of the most important component of your attire which also made others judge you of who you are.

You may be in doubt everytime you go to an event because you are having a hard time looking for ties that match your suit. You just need to understand the guidelines and examples we can share with you to come up with an appealing look.


Consider the pattern of every piece of attire, from your dress shirt, then your suit, and finally your tie. Since the suit usually dominates your whole outfit, you need to choose a plain tie when you wear a pinstriped suit. Let us say the color of your stripe has a dominating blue, then you need to wear a light red tie.

If you have a checkered shirt having small gaps with both white and blue colors, you can match it with a yellow bow tie or pink bow tie. However, if you will be wearing a plain shirt and a suit, you can match them with a floral bow tie or Brioni ties whether they might have a small or large pattern.

Contrasting Colors

Avoid exaggerating contrasts or overly harmonious style seems to make your attire look like parrot-colored and boring respectively. You can even use your preferred weaves and texture of the fabric to make your attire more dynamic.

One example is a light blue shirt topped with a dark blue suit. Since they already have a harmony, do not use another level of blue color because your attire may look boring. Instead, wear a contrasting color like a peach tie, green bow tie, teal tie, and burgundy bow tie.

For gray or black suit and a white shirt, wear a champagne tie, blush tie, gold tie, silver tie, purple bow tie, and or a patterned black and gold bow tie.

Knot Tying

The size of the tie knots also varies according to the type of shirt you wear. It also depends on the fashion trends. Currently, the use of thicker and wider necktie knots are more popular and in style.

For neckties made from the material satin and have a solid color, their elegant look can be enhanced if matched with a small tie knot. Skinny ties are more stylish if they have a narrower knot and preferably tied slightly loosed.

You can also check different styles of knot tying to enhance your necktie skills not just for pairing or mix and match techniques, but for making cool ties, too.

Since you already got these guidelines, you can start to purchase cool ties which you know suits your suit and shirt. It is guaranteed that you will gain anybody’s attention when you attend any occasion or even you just need wear simple but professional-looking attire going to the office.



Bret Rakfeldt