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5 Problems Everyone Has With Necktie

5 Problems Everyone Has With Necktie – How to Solve Them

Neckties can be one of our investment since we wore it to reflect our personality and respected career. We must take good care of them because they are one of the most important parts of our attire that also makes us look good.

There are some problems we might encounter when dealing with neckties and we sometimes hesitate to fix them because we are afraid we might damage its material. It may just be a piece of cloth, however, we should look for better ways to fix the problem most especially if it is expensive and the brand name is a famous one.

Problem 1: Twisted tie. They can be annoying to wear. Our professionalism is at risk if we wore a twisted tie because that measures our neatness in clothing.

Solution: if the twist is on the knot where the tie is tied, you try to switch it to a different knot and reduce its tightness when closing it. Do not crease its sides when you iron it. To make it easier to iron it, cover the tie with a tea towel and use a warm iron.

Problem 2: Extra long ties. The length of this tie can sometimes be the reason why others got a poorly tied tie because it takes a lot of time to do the trick in tying.

Solution: You can tie a larger knot to take up a greater length of the tie. One example is the Windsor knot which is a larger tie and symmetrical knot. You can use a tie bar not just to accessorize it, but to prevent it from dangling.

Problem 3: Getting wrinkles after you untie it. Wearing them even just a couple of hours can already leave wrinkles and marks on the tie.

Solution: Lie the tie flat in your palm and clasp it using your thumb and wrap the other end or the wider part around your hand until you reach the tip. Then place it in the drawer which is only intended for your ties. This is to make sure that the wrapped-up tie will not be wrinkled again when you need to look for something in the drawer.

Problem 4: Tie stains. Most ties are made of delicate silk and you may be afraid to damage the tie even more.

Solution: bringing them to dry cleaners can help since they are knowledgeable on how to remove the stain, however, its shiny look may not look the same again. The best way is to avoid it from being stained again by covering it with a table napkin during meals or you can also remove it if it will be appropriate.

Problem 5: Untying the tie that can sometimes stretch the material or cloth. Men sometimes pull it out their head and hang it anywhere.

Solution: Do the opposite in untying it. That means you have to untie it starting from the last step you did when you tie it before you wear it. Then, do the same solution for the problem 3.


 Bret Rakfeldt