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Basics for Men’s Fashion

Basics for Men’s Fashion

Like women, it is very important for men to get into fashion nowadays. They also need to achieve the appearance and look to make them confident as they carry their attire. We would like to share you the basics of wearing some common piece of attire to boost your confidence wearing it in the right way.


The suit should perfectly hug your shoulders and it should also be fit to the body whatever body built you may have. To ensure you have the right length of the suit, make sure it covers your bottom. Pair it with slim trousers with a length that should not touch your heels. If you prefer to show a bit of sock then you can, however, make sure it should not look too short. Pair the suit with a formal tie for formal occasions and casual for a less formal event.


The fit should be like how you wear your suit but the length is a bit shorter. They are a bit interesting if they are patterned or you may also opt for pastel shades, navy plaid, or brown checkers. It is also better to wear blazers with soft shoulders with a minimal lining to make you more comfortable and let you feel like you are just wearing a shirt.

Blazers are best paired with classic jeans, corduroy trousers, or a rugby top. To complete the style, pair it with a pocket square.


Wearing 100% wool fabric is best for business events. Opt for timeless and neutral colors and stick to corduroy and tweed materials to make it look slightly casual. it is also best paired with rugged attires like flannel shirts, tees, and jeans.


This elegant attire should be worn at its very best because this is literally worn during special and formal events. If you just have to wear it once, renting is the best way since it could be a bit pricey if you have to buy a decent tuxedo.

It should have a razor sharp fit and stick to a black cotton or wool match with a grosgrain lapel. It must be worn with a bow tie, too. If you want to opt for a classic look, it is best paired with a dress shirt which is specifically white colored French cuff.  Combining it with a pair of black jeans and a white shirt could make you more comfortable.


For coats worn over a suit jacket, reserve a bit of space in its shoulder portion. You may also opt for a snug fit style with a length of two inches above your knees.  You can choose a type of coat you prefer to wear. If you want a more versatile and classic type, you may choose a navy pea coat which also looks simple.

These are just a few tips for the commonly worn outfit that would make your day.  A man who knows how to wear his attire appropriately could enhance his personality and boost his confidence.