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Best Bow Ties Ever

Omg! The Best Bow Ties Ever!


Bow ties are an essential item of clothing for any special event or gatherings. They are also considered as a traditional item that usually accompanies a dinner jacket or tuxedo. But, there is a wide range of bow ties that you can opt from and it is quite difficult to make your final choice. There are two types of bow ties that include pre-tied bow ties and tied yourself bow ties. Tying a bow tie yourself can take a while and quite tricky, but if you know how to properly tie a bow tie then this is not a massive problem.


Most men prefer to wear self-tied bow ties since this is ready and easy to wear. If you are not confident with your tying skills then you can choose for a pre tied bow tie, where the bow is already formed and an adjustable loop secures it around your neck. The best thing about pre tied bow ties is that they are easy to wear without any hassle. Here, you will know the different types of bow ties that you can choose from.


Self-Tied Ties


If you want to retain the old character and classic elegance in your bow tie, then you wear traditional self-tie ties. The high end ones are hand-sewn with the use of top quality silk materials.


Fraternity Bow Ties


The modern attire nowadays will not be complete without wearing fraternity bow ties. This bow tieis usually worn by men as an elegant and dashing accessory to their tuxedo or suit for special gatherings. This type of bow tieis made of high quality materials. This is just plain slips of silk materials, yet it makes a superb fashion statement.


Diamond Point Bow Ties


This type of bow tie is now poised to take the center stage. It is considered as the ideal alternative to tie and coat. The younger segment of today’s population is discovering the real value of this type of bow tie. As a matter of fact, young individuals are discovering excellent ways in using diamond point bow tie without having to hide the rough side of their traits and characters.


Individual who are looking for unique ways to retain the rough side of their personality while adding the element of class are now searching for more artistic techniques in wearing their bow ties. In fact, bow ties are not only for men since there are also women who also use bow ties to completely their outfit. It is a fact that bow ties have been a big part of the culture and history of the western societies.


Historians and scholars trace the roots of the contemporary bow ties to the scarf worn by Croats. Bow ties were adopted by the modern world and developed into what is known today as modern tie. With a wide selection of bow tie designs and styles, you can be sure that you  will easily find the best type of bow tie that will match with your outfit and personality.




Bret Rakfeldt