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Best Sunshades For Men for Fall/Summer 2017

Best Sunshades For Men for Fall/Summer 2017


When it comes to summer, scorching heat and sunshine, the sunshades are a must have for all the men out there. Apart from playing hide and seek with the sun, protecting your eyes the sun shades add grace to your personality make you look cool and fashionable. Here is a complete guide to looking hotter than the weather itself this summer. You will thank us later for coming across this article later before you had gone shopping for your shades for summer.


Your choice of glasses also greatly depends on your age, the color of your hair and your facial hair, your face cut, and your dress code for the day, you have to make sure everything is in perfect balance to flaunt in grace wherever you go. When you are wearing perfect fashionable sunglasses your walk is not a simple walk, it becomes a walk of attitude.


Wayfarer Glasses:

Nothing beats the classic look of wayfarer shades. They became a fashion sensation in the era of 50's and has been seen on runways and on the faces of famous celebrities ever since because ladies just can't get their eyes off the men who wear them. The plain wayfarer shades have now revolutionized themselves in a wide variety of designs to suit everyone's needs. Recently the wayfarers have been seen on runways with color variations in the frame and in the lens with some tint. The frame range from a variety of patterns as well.


Aviator Shades:

The aviator shades are another classic fashion tale and seem to have never left the man's face ever since their advent. Aviator shades have gone through many changes ever since. 2017 brings an entirely new form of aviators into the trend lines. This summer, go for oversized aviator sunglasses, for you to make a classy face statement this year. Aviators are made to go with any look or any dressing. The oversized aviators are a perfect fusion of classic and modern giving you more masculine and appealing look.

Aviators are most desired and loved for the hot bullet holes and as always all of them are in trends double bridged or even triple bridged go for whatever suits your face the most.

Aviators became popular for their very thin wire temples and thin and light earlobes the classic aviators never go old, but in 2017  the classic aviators will have bigger frames as well.


Square Glasses:

If you have a square, a big round face or a wider chin line. Square glasses are for you to add some seriousness to your personality this summer you can get square sunglasses in a variety of styles from metal framed to semi-rimmed frames.

If you have lighter eyebrows go for the heavy-browed sunglasses, which are the ones with the thick browline, giving a prominent impression of your face and more of a retro look.

The metal framed comes with a wider lens and its full frame gives it a bigger look, they are a perfect mixture of aviators and square framed sunglasses with nose bridge.


Round Glasses:

The round glasses today are an evolution of the classic round frame sunglasses. They are perfect to portray a softer image of your personality, especially when it is about going out with some that special one. The modern round frame sunglasses give you the vintage look even with the revolutionized modern touch to it. It's all about round lens, whether they are semi-rimmed club masters or the classic retro sunshades with a full plastic body and low bridge. The club masters are a perfect combination of D-shape sunglasses and round lens sunglasses and will give a classy look to any face on any occasion.


Mirrored Sunglasses:

If you want to hide your eyes completely from the sun and need extra protection. The mirrored glasses are just for you. If you really want to look a class apart go for mirrored glasses, they are truly like walking mirror. They are very appealing, attractive and attention grabbing. Mirrored sunglasses come in every style and in many fascinating colors. The most exciting part of mirrored glasses is that they look totally stunning in every picture. So if the sun is shining brightly outside make sure your face is shining as well, giving reflections to anyone who passes by you. It is perfect fit for your face in any of your favorite frames for your day trips on very sunny days.


Bret Rakfeldt