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Bow Tie for Men This Christmas

How to Choose a Bow Tie for Men This Christmas


If you are planning to buy a men’s bow tie as a gift this Christmas, but are not sure which tie you need to choose, then there are some tips, which can help you decide. In case you didn’t know yet, men’s tie come in different types of design options, which includes materials, sizes, shapes and colors. The tie you select will depend on the preferences of the man you are planning to shop; however, you will find some tie shopping guidelines you need to consider first.


Color of the Bow Tie


The color of the tie, which is worn, will signify the man who’s wearing it. Along with countless color combination to choose from, it’s a great idea to pick a color, which can be work for the different occasions. Solid colors like green necktie or red tie can pretty much wear anywhere and will still look amazing. Most of the times, a man who’s going to work in an office will typically wear colors such as black, blue or white. Meanwhile, for a formal occasion, the bow tie would be silver, gold, and black. For those people who work in the entertainment industry, they might prefer to wear a louder color of the tie.


Patterns and Designs


Men ties come with different patterns and designs. The tie could be crossed, dotted and stripped. It can include letters and images. Some of these ties will not be fitted for a very business or formal like event but it just depends on the personality and preference of the man. If you are planning to give it to a more serious man, the wild or funny ties will likely not to be a perfect choice. If your man is the outgoing type and prefers to make people laugh, then a tie with different cartoon animals or colored spots will be a smart choice for him.




Apart from the color, pattern, and designs of the bow tie, you need to consider the material of it as well. You are aware that ties could come in any material like polyester, jean, cotton, silk and even nylon. Ties that are made from silk are easy to keep, as they don’t need ironing, however, need to be brought to dry cleaners for cleaning. Even though silk ties can be expensive, they are elegant looking. Jean bow ties aren’t the typical one, however for those old-fashioned and unique guys, they are the ideal choice.


The Type of Tie


The last thing you need to consider when planning to buy a tie for men this Christmas is the type of tie. Some are long and there are short ties, skinny and wide ties. Short ties would be fitter for a shorter man while the longer ones can work for taller men.


After you have chosen which necktie is just right for your man, be certain that you get a gift receipt in case. Keep these buying tips for a necktie to know the important things you need to consider.



Bret Rakfeldt