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Bow Ties Don’t Have To Be Hard

Bow Ties Don’t Have To Be Hard


One of the items that can add elegance to formal wear is a bow tie. Today, you can acquire the prettied versions which come with elastic detachable hooks. Once you wear them around your collar, the hook will go behind your collar and no one can notice it. But, there are some style experts who suggest wearing the traditional bowties that should be tied up manually. Many men today assume that bow ties are quite hard to tie and this is one of the reasons why they don’t use bow tie on special gatherings.


The truth is that bow ties can make you look spectacular in front of a crowd and you will gain more respect than others since not everyone wears them and many who wear a bow tie doesn’t know how to tie it properly. Since many people are not completely familiar and aware of tying a bow tie, learning the proper way to tie it is your advantage. Here, you will learn and know the step by step procedure on how to tie a bow tie.


Step 1: Wear the bow tie around your neck. While wearing it, you should make sure that the right end is extended more than the left end. Preferably, extend an inch or more.


Step 2: Cross the longer end through the left end. You should see to it that you are crossing over the left end and not under it. The next thing to do is to take a loop and tight it on your neck.


Step 3: Pick the left end and fold it towards the right side.


Step 4: Then, gently pull the right end in order to make a small opening.


Step 5: Pass the right end through this opening and hold the knot firmly.


Step 6: When the knot is completely formed, this is the time for you to pull the both ends of your bow tie to make it equal. See to it that you are doing this gently to acquire a straight position.


Wearing a bow tie has significance in the way a person wants to convey his or her fashion statement. Bow ties can be worn in different occasions, purpose and places. You can wear it when going to work or school. Even if it is just another ordinary day at mall or school, wearing a bow tie is cool and fine. Through wearing your bow tie, you can play the role of being a nerd, computer geek, batch’s genius or whatever you want.


Bow ties can help you on how to express yourself in a fashionable way. As long as you know how to match it and mix it with what clothes you wear, bow ties are very cool clothing accessories. With bow ties, you can be a fashion setter in your group. It takes some time to perfectly tie a bow tie but with continual practice and patience, you can attain you goal quickly. When you successfully and perfectly tie a bow time, you will find it easy to tie just like the neckties.



Bret Rakfeldt