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Bowties – The Who, What, When, Where and How

Bowties – The Who, What, When, Where and How


In the modern day men’s fashion, bowties have the significance in creating distinct look for formal or semi-casual outfits. Bowties are great in setting your look to be sophisticated and classy. Proper choice of bow tie can exude someone’s confidence and eccentricity. A perfect suit must be paired with an exquisite detail of bowtie in bringing out one’s boldness and elegance.


A bowtie is one of those types of neckties. It is consists of a fabric tied ribbon around the shirt’s collar. It is tied in a symmetrical way in order for the two opposite ends to form the loops. Mostly, bowties are made of silk, cotton, polyester or any combination of fabrics. Wool and velvet are other fabric materials used for making the bowties. Also, for the modern type of bowtie, people use shoelace knots in tying the tie which is called the ‘bow knot.’


The Self-tied, Pre-tied and Clip-on Bowtie


The self-tied, pre-tied and the clip-on bowtie are the three general types of bowtie.


The self-tied bowtie. It is known to be the ‘freestyle’ bow tie and is the classic one. It uses the traditional way of wearing a bowtie where the strips of the cloth has to be tied by hands. It is quite challenging to tie a self-tied one, yet, after few minutes, the perfect look will show up.


The Pre-tied bowtie.It iseasier to put it on your outfit as compared to self-tied one because its knot is already sewed. You will only consume a few seconds to wear this tie together with its easy to adjust neck strap.


The clip-on bowtie.A clip-on bowtie suggests a direct placement on the collar. It has the pre-tied bow accompanied with a metal clasp in order to be hooked easily in the collar. This type of bowtie is best recommended to children and teenagers.


Wearing a bowtie will suit any occasion regardless of what type of outfit you are wearing. For a formal attire, wear a standard black tuxedo together with the black bowtie made of either silk or satin. In attending semi-formal occasions, it is suggested for you to wear a bowtie with a different pattern and texture. A bowtie still has a place for casual attires. You can wear it according to your judgment and expression.


The History: The Who, What, When, Where and How


In the modern days, the bowtie has gained popularity and significance in fashion. You can encounter fashion aficionados that are incorporating bowties for different special events or occasion. But, what is the history behind the bowtie?


Way back in 17th century, theCroatian mercenaries in the Prussian war conceptualized the use of a neckwear. It is called the cravat that is quite similar to a scarf in order to hold their shirt’s collar together. Then later on, the upper classes of France adopted this style which are known to be the leader for fashion. In 1900’s, bowties were often worn by the surgeons and the academia. Today, the cravat are known to be neckties or bowties.


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