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Neckties and Collars


It has been said that a men’s formal wear would never be complete without a tie and so, you will often see men wearing a tie whenever they go to their workplace. The most common tie colors that you can see them wearing are burgundy, teal, navy and plaid tie. On the other hand, it is a known fact that a tie needs to be matched with the shirt one is wearing for it to be more fashionable and formal.


Burgundy ties


The burgundy ties are typically worn by businessmen and it suits almost all occasions, especially casual events. Also, those having no patterns has been very popular among politician. It would be best for this one to be matched with a shirt that is of the contrasting color. For example, one can wear a light blue shirt and navy suit together with this tie. It is also suggested for one to be creative when it comes to combining colors and making use of various shades. Of course, you still need to keep in mind that your shirt should still be lighter than your burgundy tie.


Teal tie


The basic thing that you need to keep in mind in wearing a teal tie is that your shirt should not patterned. This would be the best tie color to wear if you are aiming for a cool and fresh look. It is suggested for you to wear it with shirts that are light colored combined with dark colored suits such as black, gray and navy blue.


Navy blue tie


This tie has been considered as a classic one and it is often worn for business purposes. This one is a great choice as it combines well with different shirt colors including sky blue colored ones. In fact, it would also look great if it has been paired up with a pink colored shirt. Also, today, it also comes with different patterns that makes them look livelier. Another thing that makes this tie great is that regardless of whether it is a patterned or solid one, it just looks great as it is and so, one would not have a hard time looking for a shirt that would match this one.


Plaid tie


This type of tie is perfect for those who wanted to acquire the attention of other people. If you are planning to wear such type of necktie, then it is suggested for you to wear it together with a shirt or a tie that has a solid color. This one is considered to be a tie that is quite hard to match but the general rue in wearing it is ensure that your outfit does not have check-based patterns. You can use it for fun but not for strict business.


There you have the things you need to keep in mind in wearing these 4 popular tie colors. With that, you can ensure a look that best suits you and would have a nice appeal in the eyes of others.



Bret Rakfeldt