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Free Course for Men’s Fashion

Free Course for Men’s Fashion

Having a good sense of fashion could make any man confident when wearing his outfit. Making fashion in the right way could make you stand out no matter you keep your outfit simple and minimal. We understand you want to achieve the right kind of fashion and doing this could be daunting if you don’t have an idea on how to start it. Here are the easy-to-follow courses specially meant for guys who wants to be stand out.

Wear a well-fitted clothing. No matter how attractive your suit is, but it is not worn appropriately, then it does not make sense in wanting to be fashionable. Whether you are a professional or a simple person, people will still judge your outfit. And it could be embarrassing if you wear something that makes it look like you just borrowed it.

Make sure your shirt, suit, and pants fit exactly to your body built. Their length should also be not too long or not too short for you. In addition, you should also dress according to your age. Doing so could let you earn the respect of everyone.

Maintain good grooming in every aspect. This means you should make sure your overall appearance including your haircut, facial hair, shirts, pants, and shoes should all be neat and clean. Iron your shirt and pants properly before wearing them. Having a neat appearance can boost your style and fashion. On the other hand, inappropriate and untidy attire could lead to embarrassment.

Match the shoes with your outfit. This is very important since your overall attire should be congruent with each piece of the outfit. Wearing running shoes when you are attending a formal party is a very big no, no. matching shoes with the appropriate occasion and outfit represent a keen attention to detail and you present yourself formally.

Avoid wearing tattered jeans. This could make you look informal wearing pants that have holes. Tattered jeans imply rebellion which could leave a different impression to someone who sees you. Just imagine yourself wearing them while you meet someone professional and formal. Remember, a flawless outfit could also mean cleanliness.

Fashion trend vs timeless clothing. Comparing these two could make you think which one you would go for. The fashion trend is good if you have a budget to buy clothing that matches the trends. Since trending styles always comes out but change too fast, that could be a pricey fashion for you.

But if you would stick to timeless fashion, you will never run out of idea on what to wear because they can always be worn whatever fashion trend may come out. There are also timeless clothing that can be mixed with the latest trend. In this way, you still keep yourself updated with new styles and clothing designs.

You are what you wear. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything is worn in an appropriate occasion. You also need to keep your attire clean because this is the reflection of your personality.


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Cost-Effective Fashion Tips for Men

Cost-Effective Fashion Tips for Men

Following all the latest trends nowadays could be a bit pricey and that could be an additional expense that would sometimes break your budget. However, you are a man who needs to go with the fashion most especially if the nature of your work is meeting a lot of people from day to day. There is still a less expensive way to do that without affecting your fashion sense.

Garage Sales

Second-hand clothing is widely spread in the market having extremely low prices which are also one of the reasons why they are in demand in clothing needs nowadays. For someone who has a strict budget, purchasing clothing from garage stores is one of the smartest ways to do. The clothes that can be bought on these stores are pre-owned clothing, but some of them still look new.

Clothing from garage stores are not just cheap, but you will also be amazed by their quality not just in terms of the fabric material used, but because they are mostly from popular clothes manufacturers like Ralph Lauren, Oxford, and Burberry. You may be aware that the quality of clothing may also be based on its brand.

Shoe Repairing Shops

Wearing a high-quality shoe could also be a fortune.  Shoes are sometimes more expensive than your clothes most especially if you opt for leather materials and branded shoes. However, there are shoe manufacturers who also offers resoling and re-crafting where you can take advantage of high-quality shoes being sold. Purchasing them is just worth half of its original price which is a smarter choice.

As long as they still look good and new, you can take the chance to grab the reasonable price offered.

The good thing in purchasing shoes in shoe repair shops is although they already offered a cheap amount of shoes, you can still haggle to make it cheaper.


Also considered as bartering, this process has long been used by our ancestors and even right now where the new technology arises. You should be good in trading to make sure that you acquire the equal value of the same good someone is offering you. It is not because you badly needed a pair of shoe or a nice clothing then you have to grab the offer immediately. You also need to think about the value of the item traded on you and compare it to the item you also offer.


There are stores that offer cheaper clothing and shoes and they also accept haggling. If you have that convincing skills, then this option is good for you since you can drop the price at your specific budget as long as the seller accepted your offer. It is just a matter of how you deal with the transaction to convince him and you already got the item with a fair price.

Upon doing all these tips, you still need to make sure the item you bought suits you. Do not just go for cheaper prices but also consider the fit of the clothes as well as their quality.



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Common Mistakes in Men’s Fashion

Common Mistakes in Men’s Fashion

Aside from women, men also love fashion. They have different ways to excel in their chosen outfit aiming to stand out in the crowd. However, due to exaggerated will to deliver their fashion statement and be unique, there are common mistakes they tend to do unconsciously. These tips will teach you how to be fashionable in the right way to achieve your desired looks and appearance.

Wearing a short sleeve shirt sleeve paired with a tie

To create a statement, some men usually think that this is a fashionable way of mixing casual and formal attire together. This is an unprofessional way of wearing ties as they are mainly worn for suits and long sleeves. Remember to always stick to ties worn above long sleeve shirts.

Wrong choice of shirt color

Matching the color of shirt to your skin tone can enhance your personal appearance. For darker skin complexions, you can wear a bright or dark color that gives strength to your skin color. On the other hand, men with fair skin should wear shirts light colors like shirts with soft pastels.

You also need to limit wearing too colorful outfits. Even the number of colors should also be coordinated and a maximum of three shades or colors are enough. It is better to choose analogous and complementary colors for a minimal look.


Polo shirts can be tucked in, but t-shirts should not be. If t-shirts are too long, then, they do not fit no you. Choose the right length of t-shirt instead.

Overwhelming prints

Avoid mixing too many prints and patterns all together. If you wear a suit, stick to two patterns only. If you prefer wearing a patterned suit, then make the tie and shirt in a solid color. For a suit with a solid color, wear a patterned shirt and tie. Do not wear do not wear patterned color for three piece suit because that would bring you to embarrassment.

Facial hair

You should maintain a neat-looking facial hair. Make sure to trim or shave it regularly especially if you need to go to a special occasion. Having a beard could be attractive as long as it is neat to see.

Wearing athletic socks inappropriately

Athletic socks are supposed to be worn in the gym or during sports activities but not to other occasions or events you attend. For special occasions, choose black casual socks since they can be paired with whatever color of outfit you have.

Wearing an undershirt as an actual shirt

By the name itself, undershirts are supposed to be worn under the actual shirt. Its main purpose is to absorb sweat from your body. Its name speaks for its primary purpose so avoid doing the same mistake again.

Untidy shoes

This is worn on the area where they are the last one to be noticed, however, wearing them dirty could ruin your outfit no matter you wear the most attractive and fashionable shirt among all others. They should always be kept clean free from dirt and scratches.

Correcting all these mistakes could enhance your fashion sense and make you attractive effortlessly.



 Bret Rakfeldt

Basics for Men’s Fashion

Basics for Men’s Fashion

Like women, it is very important for men to get into fashion nowadays. They also need to achieve the appearance and look to make them confident as they carry their attire. We would like to share you the basics of wearing some common piece of attire to boost your confidence wearing it in the right way.


The suit should perfectly hug your shoulders and it should also be fit to the body whatever body built you may have. To ensure you have the right length of the suit, make sure it covers your bottom. Pair it with slim trousers with a length that should not touch your heels. If you prefer to show a bit of sock then you can, however, make sure it should not look too short. Pair the suit with a formal tie for formal occasions and casual for a less formal event.


The fit should be like how you wear your suit but the length is a bit shorter. They are a bit interesting if they are patterned or you may also opt for pastel shades, navy plaid, or brown checkers. It is also better to wear blazers with soft shoulders with a minimal lining to make you more comfortable and let you feel like you are just wearing a shirt.

Blazers are best paired with classic jeans, corduroy trousers, or a rugby top. To complete the style, pair it with a pocket square.


Wearing 100% wool fabric is best for business events. Opt for timeless and neutral colors and stick to corduroy and tweed materials to make it look slightly casual. it is also best paired with rugged attires like flannel shirts, tees, and jeans.


This elegant attire should be worn at its very best because this is literally worn during special and formal events. If you just have to wear it once, renting is the best way since it could be a bit pricey if you have to buy a decent tuxedo.

It should have a razor sharp fit and stick to a black cotton or wool match with a grosgrain lapel. It must be worn with a bow tie, too. If you want to opt for a classic look, it is best paired with a dress shirt which is specifically white colored French cuff.  Combining it with a pair of black jeans and a white shirt could make you more comfortable.


For coats worn over a suit jacket, reserve a bit of space in its shoulder portion. You may also opt for a snug fit style with a length of two inches above your knees.  You can choose a type of coat you prefer to wear. If you want a more versatile and classic type, you may choose a navy pea coat which also looks simple.

These are just a few tips for the commonly worn outfit that would make your day.  A man who knows how to wear his attire appropriately could enhance his personality and boost his confidence.



Best Sunshades For Men for Fall/Summer 2017

Best Sunshades For Men for Fall/Summer 2017


When it comes to summer, scorching heat and sunshine, the sunshades are a must have for all the men out there. Apart from playing hide and seek with the sun, protecting your eyes the sun shades add grace to your personality make you look cool and fashionable. Here is a complete guide to looking hotter than the weather itself this summer. You will thank us later for coming across this article later before you had gone shopping for your shades for summer.


Your choice of glasses also greatly depends on your age, the color of your hair and your facial hair, your face cut, and your dress code for the day, you have to make sure everything is in perfect balance to flaunt in grace wherever you go. When you are wearing perfect fashionable sunglasses your walk is not a simple walk, it becomes a walk of attitude.


Wayfarer Glasses:

Nothing beats the classic look of wayfarer shades. They became a fashion sensation in the era of 50's and has been seen on runways and on the faces of famous celebrities ever since because ladies just can't get their eyes off the men who wear them. The plain wayfarer shades have now revolutionized themselves in a wide variety of designs to suit everyone's needs. Recently the wayfarers have been seen on runways with color variations in the frame and in the lens with some tint. The frame range from a variety of patterns as well.


Aviator Shades:

The aviator shades are another classic fashion tale and seem to have never left the man's face ever since their advent. Aviator shades have gone through many changes ever since. 2017 brings an entirely new form of aviators into the trend lines. This summer, go for oversized aviator sunglasses, for you to make a classy face statement this year. Aviators are made to go with any look or any dressing. The oversized aviators are a perfect fusion of classic and modern giving you more masculine and appealing look.

Aviators are most desired and loved for the hot bullet holes and as always all of them are in trends double bridged or even triple bridged go for whatever suits your face the most.

Aviators became popular for their very thin wire temples and thin and light earlobes the classic aviators never go old, but in 2017  the classic aviators will have bigger frames as well.


Square Glasses:

If you have a square, a big round face or a wider chin line. Square glasses are for you to add some seriousness to your personality this summer you can get square sunglasses in a variety of styles from metal framed to semi-rimmed frames.

If you have lighter eyebrows go for the heavy-browed sunglasses, which are the ones with the thick browline, giving a prominent impression of your face and more of a retro look.

The metal framed comes with a wider lens and its full frame gives it a bigger look, they are a perfect mixture of aviators and square framed sunglasses with nose bridge.


Round Glasses:

The round glasses today are an evolution of the classic round frame sunglasses. They are perfect to portray a softer image of your personality, especially when it is about going out with some that special one. The modern round frame sunglasses give you the vintage look even with the revolutionized modern touch to it. It's all about round lens, whether they are semi-rimmed club masters or the classic retro sunshades with a full plastic body and low bridge. The club masters are a perfect combination of D-shape sunglasses and round lens sunglasses and will give a classy look to any face on any occasion.


Mirrored Sunglasses:

If you want to hide your eyes completely from the sun and need extra protection. The mirrored glasses are just for you. If you really want to look a class apart go for mirrored glasses, they are truly like walking mirror. They are very appealing, attractive and attention grabbing. Mirrored sunglasses come in every style and in many fascinating colors. The most exciting part of mirrored glasses is that they look totally stunning in every picture. So if the sun is shining brightly outside make sure your face is shining as well, giving reflections to anyone who passes by you. It is perfect fit for your face in any of your favorite frames for your day trips on very sunny days.


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10 Tips About Necktie You Need to Know

You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips About Necktie You Need to Know


Men’s neckties are worn around the neck, under the collar of a shirt and knotted for decorative purposes that could help to emphasize your fashion and style. It may be a simple piece, however, it can bring your attire in the most impacting level if you wear it appropriately.


There are plenty of men’s tie selections according to their colors, shapes, knots, and patterns. If you exactly know how to choose the best ties that coordinate it with your collar or shirt, then you could be artistic.


We also want to provide you useful tips to boost your confidence in wearing a tie.


1.    Match your tie with the event or occasion you are attending. During formal events,  you would usually wear a tuxedo. Pair it with a tuxedo bow tie to suit your attire. You can also wear skinny ties for tailored suit attire which is close-to-body fit and slender cut. They are a very trendy type of ties. Complete the set with a tie bar to give it a polished look.


2.    If you would wear a shirt with a wide spread collar, pair it with a knot with a triangular shape and make it look better by using a silk tie.


3.    In knot tying, it should be positioned above the topmost button of the shirt. There are men who like to wear it loosely, but that would only go for informal events.


4.    Do not wear a wider necktie if the collar of your shirt is smaller. These two negate each other and make sure the border part of the necktie is covered with enough width of the collar.


5.    If you are lean and tall, you should go for a small but longish knot that nearly ends in the middle part of your belt buckle.however, if you have a thicker neck, choose a wider knot with a proportionate width.


6.    Ensure that the tie has no folded marks or wrinkles when you wear it. Even if you just wear a simple suit or cheap neckties, it is still most important if you have a neat-looking tie.


7.    It is very informal to wear a tie if you are wearing a short-sleeved shirt because these two does not match together. Remember to pair neckties together with dress shirts and suits.


8.    The most common color of suit that people got a mistake is blue. Do not wear equal colors for both your suit and ties. When wearing a bright blue shirt, match it with a neutral blue tie or one with a light color.


9.    If this is your first time and you are in doubt about the specific color of tie that should match your attire, it is safest to wear a white dress shirt, charcoal or dark navy suit and pair it with any color of a tie.


10. To leave a positive impression to anybody who also attends the same event, finish the touches of your attire by adding pocket squares and wearing custom ties.




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Winning Tactics For Necktie

Winning Tactics For Necktie

Since we are willing to invest for a piece of a tie, then we must also make a way on now to learn to wear them properly by using simple techniques. Bringing together each piece of your attire should come up to a harmonious look.

The color of the tie should always matter.  This is always the first thing you need to consider since this is noticeable during the first glance at you. The color of your shirt, suit, and tie should have a sense of balance and order.

A monochromatic scheme could be the easiest choice of color for your attire wherein you could wear the same color, however, each has different shades and tints. From darker to a lighter variant of colors, you will totally create an elegant and professional-looking attire.

The level of contrasts of both the shirt and tie is known as tonal consideration whereas they can either be high or low contrast. You can choose a shirt with subtle appearance or with a low tone and pair it with a high tonal tie to create an aesthetic appearance. You may also interchange their tonal effects if you prefer so.

Using three different colors can be tricky and this is one of the most common mistakes in men who tried to experiment and play with colors. One example is a dark blue suit, green shirt, and red tie. You can also try to pair warm to cool colors if you want to create a striking contrast.

The same guideline can be used for bow ties. Bow ties are cool to wear which is also trendy nowadays. There are custom bow ties that are best paired with formal suits for special events.

Selecting tie patterns makes your attire unique and intriguing. You have options like striped, checkered, or paisley tie that can be paired with shirts and suits that have a different pattern too. One example is a black suit, paired with a vertical striped light blue and white shirt, and match them with a Christmas tie for you to look appealing at a Christmas event.

This means that the pattern of both should not be proportionate to create a contrast. Always put in mind, whether you will use ka color or pattern, they need to be contrasting to avoid getting a dull or out of fashion attire.

It is critical to choose the same stripes for both the shirt and tie. Make sure if you would like both in stripes, use a wider stripe for the other one. The color scheme is still applicable for tie patterns so that your attire will not look boring though you have patterns on it.

Choosing the appropriate necktie can be challenging at times. To ensure you got it correctly, create a contrast by selecting a shirt that has a small pattern and pairs it with a tie that has a broader space pattern. After you are able to remember these tips,  it will start to develop your sense of style no matter what type of tie you want to use.


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Top 5 Books About Necktie

Top 5 Books About Necktie

The world of fashion may have produced different books to make people aware of the latest trends.  Books are produced as a guideline on how to come up with trending styles that are usually changing every time something new comes out. Most people are fashion fanatic. They can’t even go out of their house without wearing the appropriate attire even they just need to go to the mall.

These books are not just about the clothes, shoes, or the designers. There are also quality books about necktie that are worth reading for. Men can wear a necktie, but are they able to wear it properly? One of the objectives in publishing these books is to provide deeper information about wearing a necktie and bow ties properly.

The Bow Tie Book

This was written by James Gulliver Hancock and was released last April 7, 2015. Consisting of 128 pages, the book was able to introduce the meaningful history of the bowtie. Even the deepest reason why waiters preferred to wear bow ties is tackled.

What makes the book worth reading is there are also notable personalities and designers who were introduced wearing a bowtie, gaining must-know tips from them as well.

The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie: The Science and Aesthetics of Tie Knots

We know that there are four tie knots frequently used for ties. This book is amazing because it introduces additional 81 ways to tie a knot based on the discovery of two physicists from Cambridge University. They got this concept using mathematics and was used to describe how the gas molecules moved.

How to Tie a Tie: A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Dressed

The author of this book is Potter Style and you could find in this book the procedures on how to knot neckties based on different occasions like evening wear, casual attire, and office attire. There are also guidelines on how to match the cufflinks to your shirt, finishing touches, and how to fold a pocket square.

Awesome Tie Knots: Step-by-step Instructions for Tying the Most Awesome Tie Knots for Men

The author of this book is Michael Melrose who was able to show some ways on how to tie knots uniquely and stylishly which also includes procedures for  Eldredge, Han, and Ediety. The first two chapter introduces the history of the modern necktie, how to match the patterns of bow ties for men and proper way of pairing them with your attire. There are also illustrations shown to better describe how you will do the instructions.

Neckties: A Practical Guide to Buying, Tying, Wearing and Caring for Neckties

The author of this book is Mark Davids. From the title of the book itself,  you will not doubt if you will read this book because it contains details regarding about every information we must know about neckties.

Based on the concept of the book, it shows that even an expensive necktie will turn out like a “hand-me-down” if you bought a wrong tie which does not fit properly to the specific occasion and to your overall attire.


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Se7en Worst Necktie Techniques

Se7en Worst Necktie Techniques

Even wearing a necktie also needs the rule to follow unless you are an expert in mix and match techniques. Whatever you wear and how you wear it reflects your personality. This is important especially if you are one of the executives of your office or you may be the boss.

Sometimes other people tend to judge a person by his attire, how he carry it and how does it look. This will then leave them an impression after they judge what they saw so you need to know how to correct some of your necktie techniques. Here are some of the things you should remember.

Overloaded tie accessories. Tie bars and tie clips are just some of the accessories for a tie. Clips for the tie are clipped horizontally attaching the tie on the dress shirt. The same rule is applicable for the clip for bow ties. Do not use two accessories at the same time.

Unproportionate width of a tie. A tie may look out of place if they are not worn appropriately based on the dress shirt, tie knot, suit, and your body type.

Improper tie in an event. For black tie functions, the tuxedo is mostly worn to match the elegance of the event. You can pair it with a black bow tie that must be self-tied. Since white tie function is more formal, you must wear a white bow tie to have a minimal decoration.

For less formal events, you can wear an ascot tie which is also usually worn during weddings or there are also wedding ties which are really intended for the occasion.

Inappropriate tie knot. The knot must be proportionate like slim tie must have a small tie knot, too. The best tie knot for skinny ties should be asymmetrical with a loose side or you may use a four-in-hand knot to make it more perfect.

Clashing colors. Do not use a tie with the same color with your dress shirt or suit. If you wear a light colored suit or shirt, pair it with a dark-colored tie. If you are in doubt, you can try a purple tie because it stands out over neutral colored suits like gray and black. You can also wear bright-colored ties like the orange tie, yellow tie, burgundy tie, coral tie, and red bow tie.

Clashing patterns. Never ever wear a tie with the same pattern like your dress shirt. For example, a combination of white and orange striped shirt matches a plain navy blue tie or white tie. If you would wear a shirt with large polka dots, you can also wear a knit tie or Zegna tie but with smaller polka dots.

Too long or too short ties. The incorrect length of your tie may leave a negative impression for those who will see it. For too short ties, use a four-in-hand knot because it does not take too much of its length and for too long ties, use a double Windsor knot which is perfect for this length because it takes a greater length of the tie.


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Five Stylish Ideas for Your Necktie

Five Stylish Ideas for Your Necktie

Neckties have been worn several years ago and we have noticed how their styles evolved, making them never go out of their style even if fashion and styles nowadays are competing with the trend. They also progress and one thing we want to make sure during the progress is to purchase the best tie in the market to enhance the appeal of our attire.

These five tips we will give you will surely be a hit without giving you worries if the style will bring you in or out of style. We make sure you can still wear this for several years to come.

1.Opt to Paisley Tie. This is a very popular tie due to its undying paisley pattern which is always a hit. Not to mention that they are pleasing and pleasurable to the eyes. There are made with different materials and comes in many brands, too.

Therefore, you can always find a paisley patterned tie anywhere in the market no matter how much you can spend for it.

2. Consider wearing a Versace tie. Versace is another popular brand and also one of the best ties in the market. The style involves a slight pattern as their design that can be incorporated in different kinds of suits.

What makes it more valuable and different is the Versace symbol placed even in the simplest tie with a plain colored piece.

3. Do not only focus on the color of your dress shirt when choosing the best tie. Always take into account the color of both your suit and your dress shirt. Select ties with dark tones features which match a black suit with a dark tone, too.

It can also be paired with other colors of the suit like dark green, jet black, and navy blue. To complete the classy look of your attire, make sure that the tone of your tie and suit also comes in contrast with your dress shirt.

4. If you want to have a different variation, try a cravat tie. This is also an easy way to wear because you just need to pin the ascot instead of knotting it. This is usually used during formal occasions. Cravat tie with a plain color may even be worn during weddings and looks flat and smooth when tied.

5. One type of necktie which is still popular until today is the skinny tie. It is the four-in-hand tie alternative variation that can be worn even at the office. No doubt you are familiar with the Beatles band.

You will notice them wearing a skinny tie even if the event is not formal and they even paired this with jeans. This makes them look more stylish and prominent.

Now that you got all these tips, the next step you have to do is to carry it with a confidence and pride because having a stylish necktie gets you elevated onto the next level of your personality. Let others give you a second glance after they saw you looking good.



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