Summer is just the right time for chinos when it is really hot outside to wear a pair of jeans. The scorching heat in the afternoons makes it unbearable for you to wear jeans and similarly the long working hours during the days restrain one from wearing jeans for office as well it’s just not comfortable in some really very hot days. That’s where chinos become very pragmatic to wear.

They have very soft fabric and comfortable design to cope up with your everyday office needs. They look pertinent yet very trendy.

Chinos can be found in a wide variety of colors to go with any top ranging from cotton shirts and T-shirt to Polo T-shirts. There are many ways to look your best in chinos they are just the coolest alternative to jeans and you can pull off any look with them. They have this facade and sleekness which give them a little edge over jeans for summer wear. Depending on the color of chinos you are wearing for the day, they give a perfect semblance in semi-formal, formal and casual dress-up.

The footwear that goes best with chinos is either loafers, moccasins or slip-on sneakers, but the sandals would not look appropriate.



It is really important to dress-up according to the occasion because it is really important to dress up according to an occasion to portray your personality and more fashion sensible ways.



Wear khaki chinos with a navy blue or white cotton shirt, keeping the tie, button open and wear suede loafers or moccasins of your choice and nice broad frame aviators to complete a perfect semi-formal look.


Wear light blue chinos with a denim shirt for any evening get-together, BBQ dinner or a party night with friends, pull off the look with nice navy blue suede loafers.



Wear navy blue chinos with a light blue dress shirt and light cotton blazer in beige color with beige loafers and a really nice mirror reflection sunglasses for a perfect formal look.


Wear dark gray chinos with light gray, cotton shirt or T-shirt and dark gray cotton blazer with moccasins for a formal evening dinner or date in cooler summer nights.


Try white chinos with a blue dress shirt and cotton blazer for a more sophisticated formal look to attend a wedding or any ceremony with khaki suede moccasins or loafers to complete the look.



Wear gray or denim blue chinos with any of your favorite T-shirt with loafers or slip on sneakers more preferably with nice retro sunglasses to create an impeccable casual look.


Wear blue, white or denim blue chinos with one of the Polo T-shirt collection in your wardrobe with slip-on sneakers for a perfect sporty and casual look, for a long driving day in summer or a picnic with friends or family.


With a huge variety of colors in fashion trends and in chinos, you can pick any color and style that is palpable to your eyes. Just stay as graceful as you can. Any age group men can wear chinos, they are literally for anyone to look outstanding.


Bret Rakfeldt