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How to Choose the Appropriate Colors of Men’s Attire

How to Choose the Appropriate Colors of Men’s Attire

Color and pattern combinations are a bit risky if you are not aware regarding their appropriate usage and application on your attire.

Well-chosen patterns and colors could enhance your style and could extremely boost your confidence.

No matter how nice the clothing is but if the color and pattern do not fit you, that could mean nothing but a mess. If you mix colors, that could only fall into two results.

It is either disorganization or harmony. Therefore, you should also pay attention to these details if you want to achieve the latter one.

Determining your skin tone could be the primary basis when choosing a color for your attire. People have different skin tones but let us just stick to warm and cool undertones.

For warm skin tone, the skin has an orange or yellow tint. On the other hand, cool skin one has a pink and a blue one.

To figure out which of these two apply to you, try to look at the veins in your palm or wrist. If you have green-colored veins, your undertone is classified as warm but for purple or blue veins, your undertone is cool.

Choosing colors contrasting to your skin looks more flattering. For darker skin, wear saturated yellows and oranges to make you look great no matter you have a cool undertone.

For pale skin, it is best to wear clothes that have jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, or emerald regardless of the undertone you have.

Let us use neutral colors as another example when choosing the right color for you. Browns and grays come in cool and warm variations, so you need to pick one that suits your profile.

Facing in the mirror with a bright and natural light, place the object with a neutral color next to your face.

If you have seen your skin looks healthier and if your face looks brighter, then that could be the right color for you. You should avoid wearing the type of color if it makes your skin look sallow or ruddy. Also, avoid mixing neutrals in your outfit. If you feel doubt about what you see, you can ask your friend who can provide his opinion.

Always remember, colors of an outfit could also convey the type of fashion you want to deliver. Each has its meaning if you want to apply it in your personality.

Earth stones and light colors make you look approachable. Even an unsaturated warm color could also mean your friendly personality.

Avoid wearing two different colors of jewelry. They are just small pieces of accessory but they can easily again attention from the eyes.

Aside from jewelry, this is also applicable for tie clips.  Only use one type of color if you want to use two types of tie accessories.

If you want to look more powerful and strong, dark and monochromatic colors are the best match for you. If you just want to gain less attention, pale and wear muted colors are perfect. But if you want to apply your creativity, go for bright and solid colors. Color like purple could be the challenging choice of color for you.



Bret Rakfeldt