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Choose the Best Bow Tie

Choose the Best Bow Tie

Bow tie is an essential item of wardrobe for any formal event as they are the usual item to accompany a tuxedo or dinner jacket. On the other hand, there is a wide spectrum of bow ties to select from and it could seem quite hard to make an option. Read on to know how to select a bow tie suitable for your needs.


Color is the first thing to consider when buying a bow tie. The most typical color for a bow tie is black and this also the most formal tone. When you are using your bow tie for formal events like dinner parties, award parties or company party, black is the color to select. On the other hand, there are also lots of other colors available to select from. Less formal options include pink and red that could still look remarkable with a white tuxedo, most essentially for less formal events where you still have to look good and smart. Of course, you can buy a bow tie in any color you want, even including combinations of patterns and colors like polka dots.


The material which the bow tie is made is a really essential area to consider. Two of the most expensive materials are silk and velvet. Both look and feel really nice. Even if these materials are really good, the cost may well put some buyers off because they are expensive than bow tie that is made of cheap materials like polyester. Also, they are debatably less practical as polyester is usually machine-washable whereas velvet and silk might require dry cleaning by an expert. On the other hand, polyester is not relatively as nice to use, so the option you make is really a tradeoff between costs and looks. If you are planning to utilize your tie for a while, then it may make sense to buy silk. If you want a bow tie for one-off occasion, then polyester is the best option.

Style and Design

There are 2 major types of bow ties available. Those are tied yourself and the other one is pre-tied. Tying a bow tie yourself could be relatively difficult and complicated as well as could take time. On the other hand, if you know how to tie it then this is not really a big problem. Therefore, a self-tied bow tie is a good choice. If you don’t have ability or less confident in your tying skills, then a pre tied bow tie is the best option. A pre-tied bow tie is permanently formed. It comes with an adjustable loop that secures around your neck. The benefit of these types of tie is that they are so easy to use and could also be put on fast. Due to the fact that there is a wide selection of bow ties available for men, it can be hard to make an option. On the other hand, by considering these major categories you could make your life a bit easier and stress free.


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