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Common Mistakes in Men’s Fashion

Common Mistakes in Men’s Fashion

Aside from women, men also love fashion. They have different ways to excel in their chosen outfit aiming to stand out in the crowd. However, due to exaggerated will to deliver their fashion statement and be unique, there are common mistakes they tend to do unconsciously. These tips will teach you how to be fashionable in the right way to achieve your desired looks and appearance.

Wearing a short sleeve shirt sleeve paired with a tie

To create a statement, some men usually think that this is a fashionable way of mixing casual and formal attire together. This is an unprofessional way of wearing ties as they are mainly worn for suits and long sleeves. Remember to always stick to ties worn above long sleeve shirts.

Wrong choice of shirt color

Matching the color of shirt to your skin tone can enhance your personal appearance. For darker skin complexions, you can wear a bright or dark color that gives strength to your skin color. On the other hand, men with fair skin should wear shirts light colors like shirts with soft pastels.

You also need to limit wearing too colorful outfits. Even the number of colors should also be coordinated and a maximum of three shades or colors are enough. It is better to choose analogous and complementary colors for a minimal look.


Polo shirts can be tucked in, but t-shirts should not be. If t-shirts are too long, then, they do not fit no you. Choose the right length of t-shirt instead.

Overwhelming prints

Avoid mixing too many prints and patterns all together. If you wear a suit, stick to two patterns only. If you prefer wearing a patterned suit, then make the tie and shirt in a solid color. For a suit with a solid color, wear a patterned shirt and tie. Do not wear do not wear patterned color for three piece suit because that would bring you to embarrassment.

Facial hair

You should maintain a neat-looking facial hair. Make sure to trim or shave it regularly especially if you need to go to a special occasion. Having a beard could be attractive as long as it is neat to see.

Wearing athletic socks inappropriately

Athletic socks are supposed to be worn in the gym or during sports activities but not to other occasions or events you attend. For special occasions, choose black casual socks since they can be paired with whatever color of outfit you have.

Wearing an undershirt as an actual shirt

By the name itself, undershirts are supposed to be worn under the actual shirt. Its main purpose is to absorb sweat from your body. Its name speaks for its primary purpose so avoid doing the same mistake again.

Untidy shoes

This is worn on the area where they are the last one to be noticed, however, wearing them dirty could ruin your outfit no matter you wear the most attractive and fashionable shirt among all others. They should always be kept clean free from dirt and scratches.

Correcting all these mistakes could enhance your fashion sense and make you attractive effortlessly.



 Bret Rakfeldt