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Cool Little Necktie Tool

Cool Little Necktie Tool

If you are having a hard time to wear a tie because you have no idea which one suits best for you, then you will also find it difficult to look for a perfect suit and tie pair for your kids, too. You do not need to complicate things if you have a certain knowledge regarding the proper way to dress your kids.

There are a variety of tie styles that can be overwhelming at times, however, you can just go for the commonly used first if you are not that knowledgeable about the proper use of some of them. One common style is the classic tie.

The other style of tie is the square tie which has a bit modern look. It has the same width all throughout the tie and is squared off when it reach the end. This is best to be used for four in hand knot because it matches its shape.

The last one is the knit tie which never goes off the trend. Its knit is close which is easy to tie and wear, and adds texture and detail to your look.

It looks fairly narrow on the upper portion and widens out until it reaches the end and forms a triangular shape. Choose a length that matches your height. Base it on a Windsor knot that you would do for this style of a tie since its wider part needs to reach the top of the belt while the tip sits below it slightly.

White shirt, which is the base layer of your attire, is always the simplest one to work with your tie. This is always the first choice of someone who struggles to match tie with shirts. It is more classic due to the versatility and neutrality of its color.

With a white shirt, you easily team up various colors of cool bow ties like a silver bow tie, gold bow tie, navy blue bow tie, and teal bow tie. Even if your kids will attend a party for Christmas, the white shirt can still be paired with Christmas bow tie. You can also use brighter colors to match this one.

The same goes with a blue shirt, it can also be paired with various colors whatever shade you will use. The simple and basic technique for this one is using a light blue tie if you wear a dark blue shirt. Pair it with contrasting colors of stripes and the color scheme will surely be fantastic.

If you want a cool option of a shirt, you can wear a patterned one and pair it with a tie that has a different pattern, however, make sure that its color is not too exaggerating that can almost cover the shirt’s pattern and color scheme.

For stripes shirts, it is better to wear a vertical stripe because it promotes a slimming illusion to someone who will see it. Pair it with a contrasting stripe like a diagonal or horizontal stripe tie.

You can now play around the colors of shirts and pair them with cute ties for your kids using these simple ideas of mix and match of shirts and ties.



Bret Rakfeldt