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Cost-Effective Fashion Tips for Men

Cost-Effective Fashion Tips for Men

Following all the latest trends nowadays could be a bit pricey and that could be an additional expense that would sometimes break your budget. However, you are a man who needs to go with the fashion most especially if the nature of your work is meeting a lot of people from day to day. There is still a less expensive way to do that without affecting your fashion sense.

Garage Sales

Second-hand clothing is widely spread in the market having extremely low prices which are also one of the reasons why they are in demand in clothing needs nowadays. For someone who has a strict budget, purchasing clothing from garage stores is one of the smartest ways to do. The clothes that can be bought on these stores are pre-owned clothing, but some of them still look new.

Clothing from garage stores are not just cheap, but you will also be amazed by their quality not just in terms of the fabric material used, but because they are mostly from popular clothes manufacturers like Ralph Lauren, Oxford, and Burberry. You may be aware that the quality of clothing may also be based on its brand.

Shoe Repairing Shops

Wearing a high-quality shoe could also be a fortune.  Shoes are sometimes more expensive than your clothes most especially if you opt for leather materials and branded shoes. However, there are shoe manufacturers who also offers resoling and re-crafting where you can take advantage of high-quality shoes being sold. Purchasing them is just worth half of its original price which is a smarter choice.

As long as they still look good and new, you can take the chance to grab the reasonable price offered.

The good thing in purchasing shoes in shoe repair shops is although they already offered a cheap amount of shoes, you can still haggle to make it cheaper.


Also considered as bartering, this process has long been used by our ancestors and even right now where the new technology arises. You should be good in trading to make sure that you acquire the equal value of the same good someone is offering you. It is not because you badly needed a pair of shoe or a nice clothing then you have to grab the offer immediately. You also need to think about the value of the item traded on you and compare it to the item you also offer.


There are stores that offer cheaper clothing and shoes and they also accept haggling. If you have that convincing skills, then this option is good for you since you can drop the price at your specific budget as long as the seller accepted your offer. It is just a matter of how you deal with the transaction to convince him and you already got the item with a fair price.

Upon doing all these tips, you still need to make sure the item you bought suits you. Do not just go for cheaper prices but also consider the fit of the clothes as well as their quality.



 Bret Rakfeldt