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The Cowboy Tie or Bolo Tie

The Cowboy Tie or Bolo Tie


As a part of the colorful men’s fashion, the cowboy tie also has something to do with Western culture and now, it plays a big part in expressing one’s modern taste in fashion. The cowboy tie or bolo tie is a kind of tie that is consisted of a braided leather or a piece of wood accompanied with ornamental metal slopes like the aglets and a decorative clasp.


There are some ways on how you can showcase your fashion sense using the cowboy tie. Because of its unique details and sense, men are very fond of including this tie in their outfits. As it is characterized by shoestring, men can customize or make the ensemble more distinctive that will suit their mood and style. They are free to choose which way they are going to use it. They can top their short or long-sleeved shirts with this cowboy tie but make sure to button it all the way up then tighten its clasp. For a festive look, try ditching the collar of the tank top or denim jacket and pair it with the attractive cowboy tie.


The Cords


It also important to properly choose the cords of the cowboy tie or bolo tie to achieve its distinct touch to your fashion. Before purchasing one, people measure the length according to the look they wanted to achieve. As many people want to look best while wearing the cowboy tie, they make some adjustments in it. Some place the tie higher to look more formal together lowering the slide for a loose look.


The Stones


By choosing a homemade designed cowboy tie or bolo tie, you can freely choose which precious gems to use. There is a wide variety of stone available in decorating your tie like the turquoise, quartz, coins, seashells or even the fashionable bottle caps. Usually, men chooses a stone that best fit their style.


The Ornaments


The ornaments included in the cowboy tie depends on the occasion the wearer is going to attend. People continuously create a variety of ornaments that gives more life to the sense of wearing the cowboy tie.


Facts you should know about the cowboy or bolo tie


With its chunky approach, men massively used it for their daily fashion accessory. With them wearing it, their western roots are then reflected. The cowboy tie or bolo tie represents the culture of Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and Pueblo to where it originated from since the mid-20th century.


In 1930’s, as the Native Americans recalled, men wear bananas around their necks sealed by a shell structure. Also, the Arizona silversmith gave a credit in using the cowboy tie devised from their hat strings around their neck.


Then, Dr. William Manglesdorf, a dentist and a metallurgist, gets the credit for the invention of cowboy tie during late 1940’s and later on, patented his own slide design.


Though it is widely known that the cowboy tie rooted from the Native Americans, there came a man named Victor Cedarstaff who is recognized for takingthe cowboy tie to a higher level. Still, the natives are the ones who first conceptualized the idea.



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