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Custom Bow Ties for Weddings

Custom Bow Ties for Weddings

Everybody wants their wedding to be very special and customized for them. Oftentimes, attention is given to the bride and her bridesmaids as well as to the reception, yet men are left overlooked. An excellent way of giving your wedding an excellent look is to let the groom and other male attendants put on custom ties.

Custom ties could be either bow ties or straight ties. Bow ties are usually known to be very formal, yet if they’re done in the print and were paired with your navy vest, they could be extremely preppy as well. Straight ties have the tendency to appear more modern than a more old-school or classic bow tie. You have numerous great choices for custom ties for weddings.

There were instances wherein the brides ordered for extra fabric. When your gown designer doesn’t permit you to buy extra yardage, you could usually order additional length on the bottom of a dress that could be hemmed off & used to create custom bow ties. Another place where you can go to find your inspiration is within your family plaid.

If you’re of Scottish descent yet you don’t like to go the skirt route for weddings, you could still show the pride you have within your heritage. Custom tartan ties or the bow ties would add a good dash of Scottish feel to your wedding, regardless of your tartan.  A corresponding tartan ribbon, by the way, makes an exceptional finishing touch for brides.

Most grooms and brides met in college, thus, it’s only natural which you may like to pay tribute to your beloved alma mater while you walk down the aisle. As a matter of fact, you might need just to put an exclusive order so as to obtain custom bow ties or a set of ties & cummberbunds which feature the colors as well as the logo of your university or college. It would be a very great idea when many of your groomsmen were your brothers in a fraternity.

Speaking of the clubs, it’s also possible to place an order for custom bow ties made with the colors and the logo of your private yacht club, tennis club or country club. It will be a good choice when you’re having the wedding taken place in your club. Again, it will be even much better when many of your groomsmen have affiliation. There are different companies which would make nearly any form of custom bow ties for you.

Many of these companies are known for their great preppy ties. Custom ties make excellent groomsmen gifts also. In cases where you have custom ties with the logo from the club or college you share in common, men would especially have fun with the gift. To make your groomsmen gifts more special, you may choose to add a set of the decorated silver cufflinks for that superb finishing touch. You would add style to your attendants and an excellent custom feel to your wedding. So what are you still waiting for?



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