fall colors



Every new year comes with new trends, and with every new season comes new colors as well. The trendsetters set the color code and the world follows it. Men are nowhere behind women in following the codes and look the best to stand out in every occasion.This season we got to see some new, fresh and revising colors in the top fashion shows like Prada, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Emilia Wickstead and Christopher Kane all trotted out glossy examples of the hue in their spring/summer collection.

Summers are all about colors, the refreshing and vibrant colors create a beautiful atmosphere everywhere and keep everyone one in a good mood as well. Here are some top highlighted colors and patterns for 2017.



·         Whether it is lemon-yellow, bright-yellow, taxi cab yellow, orange-yellow and so on it is your color this summer. You can wear;

·            T-shirts with mixed texts on it.

·            Open button trend color cotton shirt over any color T-shirt

·            A cap

·            Shoes

·            Bag packs


Beige, Cream:

They are the colors of formal wear in most fashion weeks these colors were seen in full suits and as office wear by men, the color is not only refreshing but also looks very graceful.


Pink, Purple:

These colors are vibrant and you can wear them to parties, whether it’s during the day or in the night, punk wear is very in this season.



Denim blue, Deep blue, and sky blue are the blues of this season and a perfect color for day wear. Blues are not only ideal for bottom wear but also for tops. Whether it is your formal wear or casual wear one never gets ambiguous about wearing blues.



White is the ice. It keeps you cool and looks very sophisticated in any dress up. Whites were seen significantly in every fashion week on the runway.



When you wear camouflage you will not only look trendy but doubtlessly and irresistibly hot! So if you are getting any camouflage shorts, trousers. 6-pocketed or 8-pocketed cargo pants, grab them even if they are not branded.



Pastels are a must add to your everyday wardrobe, the softer colors will beat the heat in warm and sunny days, they not only keep you cool, but will also be soothing to the eyes of people around you in scorching heat.


Childhood Prints:
If you want to revive your childhood memories this season’s fashion trends have brought a chance for you to do so wholeheartedly. Feel free to fill your wardrobe with your childhood favorite printed T-shirts and open button cotton shirts, and bring out the inner child in you.


Mixed messages:
The cool mixed message shirts are continuing to be in fashion trends this year as well. There are many small scale businesses which get you your favorite color shirts printed on with your desired and customized text, go for it. You can use very cool quotes, slangs or your own words to get printed on your shirts and, they definitely look very cool.


Monochromatic prints:
The monochromatic prints are the ultimate throwback to the classic era. With bold stripes and geometric patterns, you will be making your own classy style statement. Black and white is an all time definition of Machoness.


Checks, blocks, and squares:

As the trends of 90’s have started blooming again so is the trend of checks in fashion line again, whether it is your formal wear of casual wear checks, blocks and squares have been most common and popular of all prints in all the fashion weeks. Such prints look very elegant on men of all ages and will make you stand out at any occasion.



Lines are the other leading pattern this season, They are so in that you can have the print in anything from shirts to pants and to caps in different color combinations and of any spacing or length between the lines, so wide lines or narrow lines go for it however you would like to wear them.
There is this whole new wide range of colors and patterns for all men out there to follow and look at their best every day.  You make your life colorful by wearing nice colors, the colors you choose to wear depict your personality and your fashion sense.

With so much in trend lines this season, it is not going to be hard for you to set your wardrobe for summers, try to a variety of each of the colors and patterns to avoid looking the same every day and make yourself a style statement this season.



Bret Rakfeldt