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Fear? Not If You Use Necktie the Right Way!

Fear? Not If You Use Necktie the Right Way!

Improving your professional look is really something you need to plan meticulously whatever the event might be, or even just simply an office attire still matters. It is a rule – every man needs to learn on how to wear a tie and knot properly.

You should admit that some of your colleagues do not know how to tie a necktie. Without proper knowledge about knot tying, they sometimes rely on clips on a tie. But fear not because there is always a solution for that problem if you do not want to be like them.

They may be mixing up their style or experimenting, so you better discover the knowledge yourself. You may be afraid to let your boys wear a tie during special occasions. No worry because the same rules are also applicable if you would like to buy a boy’s tie.

The basics may be easy, however, there are still some who wears them incorrectly especially in an inappropriate occasion. The most critical thing you must pay attention to in shopping for a necktie is its width and length because your style and fit will not be perfect if they are not proportionate to your size and collar style.

Make sure that the tip of your necktie should reach the middle point of your belt buckle or waistband. Too short or too long length of the necktie can be repelling. Your fashion will look neat if you make it proportionate.

For the width of your necktie, it should also be proportionate on your shoulder breadth and frame. Make sure that your necktie should have the same width with your lapel.

You also need to consider the tie clip you will pair with your necktie which should not be wider than the latter. Tie clips may gain more attention that your necktie if you use it in an improper way. Those two should complement each other and not cover the other.

If you choose a silver clip, make sure that it looks simple and minimal. It should be placed at the sternum located below your chest. To ensure your necktie will not look boring, slightly pull the top of your tie to create a bit of subtle bow on top of the tie bar. This is also done to emphasize the function of the bar which is to attach the tie to your shirt.

Since you are a beginner, you can first use the four-in-hand knot because this is easier to do and when you can master this, you may already explore how to do fancy tie knots. There are other types of knots you should also learn because even knot ties also need to match with the type of necktie, suit, and shirt you wear.

You can also follow the same guidelines in your kids tie if they need to attend a certain occasion. Applying the same techniques will free you from embarrassment because you are confident that you did it in the right way.


Bret Rakfeldt