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Five Stylish Ideas for Your Necktie

Five Stylish Ideas for Your Necktie

Neckties have been worn several years ago and we have noticed how their styles evolved, making them never go out of their style even if fashion and styles nowadays are competing with the trend. They also progress and one thing we want to make sure during the progress is to purchase the best tie in the market to enhance the appeal of our attire.

These five tips we will give you will surely be a hit without giving you worries if the style will bring you in or out of style. We make sure you can still wear this for several years to come.

1.Opt to Paisley Tie. This is a very popular tie due to its undying paisley pattern which is always a hit. Not to mention that they are pleasing and pleasurable to the eyes. There are made with different materials and comes in many brands, too.

Therefore, you can always find a paisley patterned tie anywhere in the market no matter how much you can spend for it.

2. Consider wearing a Versace tie. Versace is another popular brand and also one of the best ties in the market. The style involves a slight pattern as their design that can be incorporated in different kinds of suits.

What makes it more valuable and different is the Versace symbol placed even in the simplest tie with a plain colored piece.

3. Do not only focus on the color of your dress shirt when choosing the best tie. Always take into account the color of both your suit and your dress shirt. Select ties with dark tones features which match a black suit with a dark tone, too.

It can also be paired with other colors of the suit like dark green, jet black, and navy blue. To complete the classy look of your attire, make sure that the tone of your tie and suit also comes in contrast with your dress shirt.

4. If you want to have a different variation, try a cravat tie. This is also an easy way to wear because you just need to pin the ascot instead of knotting it. This is usually used during formal occasions. Cravat tie with a plain color may even be worn during weddings and looks flat and smooth when tied.

5. One type of necktie which is still popular until today is the skinny tie. It is the four-in-hand tie alternative variation that can be worn even at the office. No doubt you are familiar with the Beatles band.

You will notice them wearing a skinny tie even if the event is not formal and they even paired this with jeans. This makes them look more stylish and prominent.

Now that you got all these tips, the next step you have to do is to carry it with a confidence and pride because having a stylish necktie gets you elevated onto the next level of your personality. Let others give you a second glance after they saw you looking good.



Bret Rakfeldt