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Is the Necktie Dead

Is the Necktie Dead?


Neckties play a vital role in the overall appearance of a guy in terms of personality and expression. However, the fashion world continually innovates itself into different trends that are emancipated by people. There are various occasions or events when men have to wear a tie. At the same time, there are several reasons why neckties of different types and styles are worn.


When to Wear a Tie?


Not all men wear a necktie. But, whether you wear it or not, you cannot just leave this page and escape from the fact that it is still important to know about these things.


Now, the real question is “when is the right time to wear a tie?” There are actually many reasons to wear a tie. One moment when you can wear your best suit and tie is during a very formal event. It may be business-related occasions that have grand celebration.


Another place where you can wear a necktie is at the office. If you are dwelling in a more formal working environment, make sure that you have a lot of neckties available in your wardrobe. Each day, you will be thinking which tie properly matches your outfit of the day.


More Facts about Ties


The inception of neckties started several decades ago. But, the sales rate has become more popular when the terms ‘casual Friday’ has existed in men’s vocabularies.


However, in the past few years, men in early 30s and 20s emancipated the 4-in-hand as their style statement. Men from ages 18 to 34 are known to express themselves through dressing up. Thus, they took wearing of neck tie into a higher level. For most men, wearing a necktie is a style. This is about what they do and this is something creative.


The renaissance of neckties among hipster found its root in fashion. This has been sparked by well-known designers and made these ties a significant part of the collections.


Every decade, there are significant changes or improvement in the way ties are recognized by stylish men and other people involved in the fashion industry. At present, modern guys are still wearing the best of their neckties.


Final Thoughts


Ties are not actually dead. The only truth is that it does not grow in the business area at this moment. In the past years, the numbers of men who acquire ties have gradually dropped. Runway shows featured few ties.


In the world of entertainment, some experts shared that they rarely see neckties on agents, lawyers or executives. However, when men are asked about their perception towards neckties, they still have distinct opinions.


Wearing a necktie gives a different impression. Regardless of the occasion or an event, it is highly essential to choose the right style and color to ensure that it will bring out the best in you. Necktie is not dead but it remains a little silent in the fashion industry. The above-information will guide you and can even boost your confidence when wearing and choosing a tie for specific purposes.



Bret Rakfeldt