mens jeans




The trend of jeans will never become old, men will never get over wearing them and women will never get their eyes off handsome men wearing them. Men have been seen wearing jeans ever since they were invented on runways and has been a style statement of many superstars.

The right pair of jeans is the one which suits you and fit your personality perfectly.


Slim Leg Jeans:

If you have heavy thighs go for slim leg jeans, with a perfect waistband for them to look best on you for a long time. The Fabric of slim leg jeans is not stretchable, the cut decreases gradually from top to bottom, giving it a more subtle and appropriate look. The tapered ankles make them look more elongated and sleek look to your legs.


Slim Fit Jeans:

The slim fit jeans are stitched in a narrow cut, it has more stretchable fabric with a longer length than the usual pair of jeans. They will best suit with well heightened and slim figure, but anyone can wear them as they have an adjustable fitting. They are the key element of creating a Rockstar or a hipster look for you this season.

Skinny fit jeans shall never be too tight on you instead, they shall just fit you perfectly.


Straight Leg Denim:

It is the most traditional form of jeans which has always been there in fashion trends and are very much desired by men who choose to keep classic grace for themselves. It has a straight cut and a bit loose baggy fitting, more suitable for men with a heavy athletic build.

Almost anyone can wear them depending on the style code they are going for, skinny men can wear them too if they want to create a bohemian look this year.


Tapered Jeans:

They make your ankles prominent. Pairing them up with a nice pair of sneakers can complete the sporty look you are looking for. Tapered jeans look splendid for any occasion and with any top.


Ripped Jeans:

This year is again for the ripped spots, shaggy threads and ripped colored lines on jeans. Ripped jeans are ideal for summer because they keep you cool by both definitions. Ripped jeans are best to wear with funky, camouflage or mix message printed T-shirts and ideal to give you a funky, outrageous and hot look like the stars of the 80’s.


Low Rising Jeans:

They are just into the trend lines if you adore them. They are a perfect fit to a masculine and toned body. Yes! You can show off the results of your strenuous daily gym routine when you remove your shirt off.


Patch Jeans:

Patch jeans are for men looking for a rough and masculine look. You can find a huge variety of colors for denim patch jeans in different cuts and styles.


With much of a variety to choose from, it is not going to be a tough job for you to make your jeans collection this year and create your own style statement.



Bret Rakfeldt