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Men’s Fashion Today

Fashion is not just meant for women. Everybody, including men, should spend time on their selves to make themselves look better and clean, in addition to an updated dress code. Crisp, clean and well fitted clothing will make people take you more seriously. In addition to this, if you add a bit of fashionable touch to your style, you’re bound to mesmerize the people around you, and leave an impact wherever you go.

Today, we are going to share with you a few hacks that will make your appearance smarter and make you feel more confident.


mens dress shoe

The first thing that people usually notice about other people’s attire is their footwear. Mostly, we forget to give much attention to it. A good fitting shoe is necessary, but you also need to focus some attention on something more than comfort. That is, the good looks.

While in a formal gathering, prefer to wear leather style dress shoes. If you need to invest in a new pair, go ahead and make the deal. Expensive shoes run a long time, and do not require much maintenance. But the comfort and style take you a long way.

For casual parties or hangouts, go with sneakers. A casual denim shoe or sneakers with good fitting jeans will make the perfect combination.


Change the way casual usually is. Casual doesn’t have to be boring.

You can go with a pair of cotton pants or jeans, matched with a slim fit T-shirt or a regular fit, according to the event, body structure. For a bit of formal touch, you may wear those pants with a button down shirt.

Fashionable T-shirts with big logos are more attractive these days. They spark the interest of people and also give you the much desired cool look.

The button down shirts should be of a good fit, not too tight or too loose. Pair these up with a good pair of sneakers, loafers or even formal shoes. Everything becomes a  style!


A 3 piece dinner suit is always a royal classic. But getting the perfectly fitting dress and matching it with the perfect dress shirt is the deal. A dress with a loose fit or tight fitting dress will make you look flabby or probably more uncomfortable. You can also get your dress tailor made for perfect measurements.  Always select colors that go with your personality. Never wear something that is popular, not every fashion is meant for everyone.

Blue and White is the ultimate color of elegance for men’s formal dressing. If you’re unsure, go with either blue or white.

A tuxedo is also an elegant and old school dressing style that’s popular as well as looks good. It could definitely become a good addition to your formal wardrobe.


There’s nothing like a good fit. Always focus on a good fitting dress. It will enhance your look many folds and make you look well dressed.


Little details about your dressing can enhance your look many folds. An elegant tie, a good wrist watch, a trendy belt or bow can enhance your look.


Don’t make shopping for yourself an annual activity. Keep investing in it from time to time all round the year as good clothing adds to your confidence and makes your personality more strong.



There’s nothing more attractive than a well perfumed man. But don’t go overboard with it. A gentle yet strong fragrance can make you more attractive and the center of attention.


A good dress or shirt doesn’t have to be branded every time. You can get excellent dresses at a local store as well, and a shirt bought from your branded shop may not suit you well. So chose wisely and don’t just go crazy paying high prices for stuff that you can get for a reasonable price.


Seeking advice from Salesmen is quite foolish. They’ll give you suggestions that are bound to add more to your billing list and less to your style. That’s what their job is, so do not listen to their advice.  Always accompany a friend or family member while shopping for honest advice.


Not many people are honest when it comes to complimenting someone. Ask from your partner, parents or siblings for honest and real advice about how you look and what suits you better.


Never stop experimenting with style and never be afraid to try new things. You wouldn’t get to know about what looks good on you until you try them.

Experiment with your haircut, your dressing style, and your hair color anything that you’d like to try.


Now that you’ve read it all, we hope you’ll take time and work on your good looks, because life is just too short to look outdated and old fashioned.


Bret Rakfeldt