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Neck tie used for more than wearing

Got Lots of Old Neckties? Don’t Throw Them Away! Get Ideas on How to Reuse Your Old Neckties


When we think about neckties, we often don’t know the numerous functions of this neckwear accessory. Most of the times, a necktie could be utilized for a lot of different stuff, some are more peculiar than the other. A necktie could be reused and re-purposed into different things. Do you have some old neckties that you like to be recycled?


Following are some ideas you can use on how to reuse your old neckties now:


Customized Neck tie Pillows


You can add a custom and unique look into your accent pillows by sewing a tie vertically and by horizontally to make a “gift-wrapped” look. This will work significantly with deeply patterned black neckties, white pillows, vintage plaid ties, or denim pillows.


Neck tie Scarves


Cotton and wool neckties staggered and stitched together end-to-end can make a durable and amazing scarf. You can leave the edges natural or you can finish it with denim or velvet.


Neck tie Guitar Strap


Are you are looking for a new strap for your guitar? Well, worry no more, as your old neckties can solve your problem. A necktie can be a unique guitar strap, which no one else would have. For sure, any of your sold fans will stare at your unique creation as you are rocking out on the stage along with your Do-It-Yourself necktie guitar strap.


Neck tie Dog Leash


If you will cut your old necktie and start sewing the edges, you can make a very trendy dog leash. If you are short with clips, you can buy them at a hardware store near you. You’ll be amazed on how you will have a new least not just for you, but for your canine as well.


Neck tie Quilt and Throws


If you got the abilities at the same time are up for a challenging and intricate project this month, why not try to make a quilt or throw made from old neckties? Whenever stitching the ties together, ensure that you pay enough attention to toe warp and weft of the material. Bear in mind that every fabric does not has a distinct weight, however, weave, which affects how it was stretched. Choose a fabric that has similar weft and warp features to avoid unnecessary stress on certain sections.


Neck tie Napkin Rings


Did you know that old necktie could be reused as napkin rings? Yes, you heard it right. Ties with classic patterns and designs could be cut edged matched napkin rings. Given than napkin rings often get dirty, you can pick more stylish necktie fabrics like wool or silk.


Neck tie Belts


It’s not unusual to see a woman who’s wearing a man’s necktie as her belt. Many fashion blogs show how this is being done. If you have a lot of neckties in your closet, why not donate it to your wife? There’s a great possibility that she might use it effectively.


The possibilities of reusing your old neckties are endless. Thus, if you have some old neckties, do not throw them away, reused them!



Bret Rakfeldt