Necktie colors Gold, Red, Royal Blue, and Paisley Ties

What You Need To Know About Gold, Red, Royal Blue and Paisley Tie


Regardless of what occasion you go to, it is common to see men wearing a tie. Why is that? It is because it not only enhances their look for it also boosts their confidence and reflects their sense of style at the same time. There are different patterns and colors of ties to choose from and that includes the gold, red, royal blue and paisley tie.


Gold tie


Gold tie are often worn by the groom and their groomsmen. So, if ever you would be needing to fulfill such roles in the future, then there is a need for you to know that it matches well with a blue suit. Beige colored suits would also work well. Such colored tie would also be best to be worn during summer and would be great to be worn together with a plain white shirt in order for it not to be too distracting in the eyes. Also, as it has a vibrant color, it would make you seem more approachable and friendly.


Red tie


Red symbolizes power and authority. It also symbolizes passion and if you would want to make such impression to those whom you would be meeting and dealing with, then a red tie is the perfect one for you to wear. Suits that are of the charcoal, gray and navy colors foes well with it. Also, as red is considered to be the power tie, you can often see politicians wearing them. It has also been said that wearing a red tie would make you seem confident and so, if you are a salesman, then wearing it might be quite useful for you as you work.


Royal blue tie


While royal blue suits have been popular among men, the royal blue ties are just as popular as it is. In fact, it is considered as one of the safest tie color to use. Among the different ties of blue shades, the royal blue ones are capable of letting acquire just the right amount of attention from others. If you can, find a royal blue tie that has fine stripes and texture. This also suits well with a white shirt or a shirt that is of a lighter blue shade.


Paisley tie


This one is the kind of tie that has stood the test of time and in fact, it has been making a comeback lately. If you are wearing a dark suit, then it would be best to use a paisley tie to counterattack the suit’s gloomy vibe. This type of tie has also become the favorite tie for weddings. This is also bets for men who wanted to look professional and conservative at the same time. By simply wearing the paisley tie, nothing can stop you from interacting with other people confidently. It also has a rich history, considering the fact that the paisley design was used as a design for royal garments back in the day.


Those are just some of the things you need to know about gold, paisley, royal blue and red tie.


Bret Rakfeldt