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Necktie Colors for the Winter Months

Necktie Colors for the Winter Months


There are many reasons why you need to choose the right necktie colors. One of these many good reasons is to blend with the season. With regards to winter months, you need to choose the color of neckties which is appropriate to this season. Here are the necktie colors for the winter months:


Brown Neckties


At present, brown is the most common colors of necktie for winter season. Particularly dark brown lie espresso, cognac, as well as mahogany are in demand. If you love watching news, you will see newscasters like Piers Morgan, Jon Stewart and Bret Baier wearing this color. Espresso brown is indeed the best tie for winter months.  Best paired with coats in gray, fitted window pane checkered ash suits, and dark navy blazers. This will give you an awesome look.


Brown is also referred as the mature color. When you’re looking to showcase an established or a mature personality, then choosing brown necktie is the best way to go. These are particularly common in the winter and fall season. To make out the best of this color, you need to avoid wearing suit, shirt as well as necktie combination which pairs lots of earthy colors, as it will make you appear like a forest ranger. Rather, pair the brown necktie with off white dress shirt, navy suit as well as dark brown shoes. This will give you a very stunning appearance.


Burgundy Neckties


This is also a very winter colors. Burgundy neckties are timelessly elegant as well as suit any season not only during winter season. Burgundy is a shade which pair the power of color red with the ripeness of brown, as a result making a superb option for business attire. There’ a reason why burgundy ties are common in politics.


Navy Blue Neckties


Blue is the preferred color of men. It signifies a soothing and calming nature, maturity as well as elegance. It’s not surprising which the navy blue necktie is the most sought after one. Navy blue necktie is timelessly classy and elegant and could be worn not only during winter season, but also during spring season. To make the most out of this color, pair it with a contrasting shirt and suit to make an interesting appearance. A solid navy blue necktie will look remarkable once paired with the usual white shirt as well as light gray pin-striped suit.


White Necktie


White signifies purity and winter signifies frost and snow. White necktie is ideal to use during winter season. On the other hand, it is highly advisable to keep away from using pure white necktie and as much as possible choose one with a combination of brown and white, or off-white. White necktie can be paired to any color of suit. However you need to keep away from using light colors.


You see, colors are very important in our fashion. If you are in the market for necktie, you need to consider your budget, your preference and of course when and where to use the necktie.



Bret Rakfeldt