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Necktie Secrets You Never Knew

Necktie Secrets You Never Knew


Neckties are staple men accessories, especially those who are in a corporate world. That is a fact. Another remarkable fact is that with lots of men wearing necktie, a lot of them don’t have any idea whose ties is better than the other. Men use this accessory for like a third of their whole life, yet; only few really understand the value of their ties which they wear. So, with that in mind, here are the amazing secrets you never knew about neckties.


Let’s begin with the name, as it was not always called a necktie. Today’s necktie in point of fact originated from a silk scarf used by soldiers of Croatia, from where it went on to be called “cravat”. On the other hand, as far as derivations go, the actual fashion of wearing necktie has been associated as far back as 210 BC to Shih Huang Ti, a Chinese Emperor. There are just four main forms of knots such as:


Four-in-Hand: The simplest and the common due to the fact that it just takes 4 steps
Half Windsor: A little bit fancy because it takes nine steps, however when you have a plan to dine with royalty, this is the best knot to go.
Pratt Know: Popularly known as Shelby, it takes 6 steps
Windsor: This is twice as fancy as the half Windsor. It may need nine steps to knots, however it is way ticker.
Neckties are forbidden in Iran due to the fact that they are Western. That is the reason why you always see Iranian in suit and jackets. Until today, necktie is the most popular gift for Father’s day all over the world. American spends an astounding one billion dollar or more per year to buy ties, or almost 100 million neckties. The real shocker is that, to make one good or high quality silk necktie, it requires 110 silk cocoons. Therefore, you can see how many silk worms ply their trade only fancy people from the US can wear neckties- and for the record that is approximately 11,000,000,000 silk worms!


It is really possible to purchase a bulletproof necktie at this point in time- which it is able to stop a 9 mm bullet. Perhaps this is advisable to wear by politician or billionaire perhaps. The most expensive necktie all over the world was made by Satya Paul an India designer for a Mumbai fashion show last 2004. This cost a whopping 250,000 dollars. Perhaps you are asking what made this necktie so special and expensive. Well, this necktie was made of pure silk which was studded with almost 261 diamonds. Put out your mind the fancy Windsor Know as if you are going to party or dine with monarchs and royal family, this is the best tie you wish to wear. But, you need to have lots of bodyguards, I guess.


Here are just some of the things you need to know about these amazing men’s accessories. Necktie in general will keep you more fashionable and respectable, regardless of how much it is.



Bret Rakfeldt