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Does necktie Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Does necktie Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?


Some men may hate wearing a tie. They may say it is just for old people, or just for professionals. If they wear ties, they may look stupid. However, we want to show that ties are the important part of the suit which can also reveal the personality of a man.

The fashion for ties has transformed and they never go off the trend as long as you know how to properly wear and match them with your suit or dress shirt. It is true that people who saw someone wearing it think about the value of professional look of that man.

It seems like they hold themselves to a high standard level instead of just wearing ordinary clothes. The color of the tie you chose can also connote your personality. Since the red tie is always associated with authority, it is then called a “power tie.”

One of the most common colors is blue, which connotes confidence and may also have intricate symbols if worn in different tones. Wearing a black tie also promotes elegance, power, and formality. Another common color used is brown which is a symbol of masculinity. If you want to go with green, it connotes a peaceful and fresh appearance.

With regards to pattern, wearing a polka dots tie makes you look friendly. If you want to display your interest, you can even show that by wearing a tie with graphic designs of a character you want. The plaid tie can also be worn to reflect different dimensions of your personality. Even the absence of pattern also signifies versatility.

Since bow ties are often worn during formal events, it gives a superior look to the wearer. Wearing different styles of the tie can be a beacon of other’s respect for you. Its appearance based on its color, pattern and knot tie demands an attention because it can push your entire attire up to the higher level to gain glances from anyone.

Wearing a tie should not make you look stupid, but it should boost your confidence instead. It is just how you wear it neatly or if you follow the proper guidelines on how to match it with your entire attire.

If you carefully selected the appropriate necktie, then you must be so sure that you will look smart. It pulls you farther the extra mile once you got a tie with noticeable elegance and worth anybody’s attention.

Just compare the two people. The other one wears a normal shirt and jeans, while the other wears a suit paired with a beautiful tie. Who do you think will look intimidating when he sits beside the other? What we are trying to show here is how the power of tie brings you up into a certain level of development and standard.

For you to gain confidence in wearing a tie, it is just a matter of selecting the right color, pattern, and knot to be paired with your shirt. You also need to make sure that the overall attire fits the event or occasion if you do not want to seem like stupid.


Bret Rakfeldt