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Necktie Trends for 2017

Necktie trends for men in summer 2017


Neckties are not preferred in summers because it is too hot to cover your neck with something tight around, but they are a necessity when it comes to some occasions or daily office wear. Why stay off the fashion trends when you can look perfect with just the right choice of ties in your wardrobe? Ties come in a huge variety, in various designs and lots of different materials.

Summer tie is way different than winter tie in terms of material and design. So here is a guide for your tie shopping and collection this summer.


Summer Tie Fabrics: Wearing woolen ties in summers is a bad idea, never wear a wool tie in summer or knitted ties of thick wool. You can go for silk ties or cotton ties to look more of the ‘trend following’ kind of person. Wearing a wool tie will give an instant impression that you have no fashion sense at all.


Length Of The Tie:

It is very important to wear the tie in the right length because the trend of tie length keeps changing as well like other things, there is no restriction on wearing a short tie, you can wear a short tie the shorter you want. But if you are fond of wearing a long tie, make sure the length of the tie does not exceed your belt buckle. The tip of the thicker side of your tie shall fall right onto your belt buckle.


Thickness Of Tie:

The trend of the thickness of the tie also varies from time to time. For this season the ideal width of the tie is between 2-3 inches so if you want to wear a skinny tie, it shall be 2 inches wide and if you want to wear a thicker tie it shall be 3 inches not more than that. The ideal width of ties you wear for suits is the one which is as close to the width of the lapel of your suit, so if you wear suits, wear cotton suits with a cotton or a silk tie.

You can also wear a cotton shirt, with a cotton blazer with a silk tie and flaunt the hot look wherever you go.


Knitted ties:

A warm woolen knitted tie no wonder looks very graceful in the warm months, but do not hesitate to wear a knitted tie in summers as well, just make sure the knitted tie is more of thinner and a cooler material. Knitted tie adds exceptional grace to your outfit, especially in formal occasions and professional seminars etc.


Patterns Of Ties:

For a simple yet very graceful look, do not go for printed ties at all instead, try wearing plain ties or ties with very small prints like dots or one tone lightly printed ties.

Striped ties seem like a ‘never getting old’ pattern in tie wear. It always goes with any look whether it is for a very formal occasion or routine wear.

If you want your tie to become an after party gossip you are a daring fashion freak go for bold printed ties. For printed ties you can go for any pattern, but to follow the fashion trends more appropriately go for checkered prints, monochromatic prints, camouflage prints or horizontal lines. Such prints might be a bit hard to find but will be like a cherry to the cupcake for your funky or youthful dressing.


Knot Your Tie with an attitude:

If you want to wear you tie apart from the traditional tie wearing method. Try these tie wearing methods, to like a hunk and leave a heavy impression of yourself.

* Leave the skinny end your tie longer than the wider end of your tie, so that the skinny end is visible beneath the wider end of the tie

* Twist the skinny end of your tie so that both ends of the tie run along together and both ends are visible.

*  Tuck your tie into your shirt between 3rd and 4th button, this will look splendid with a cotton blazer with a button to tuck an inch below where the tie ends.


The Tie bar/ Tie pin:

The tie pin adds an extra grace to your tie, and to your personality as well. You can wear a tie pin as small as you would like but be sure of not wearing a tie pin that goes beyond the width of the wider side of your tie.



Bret Rakfeldt