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Neckties and the Military: Where Necktie History is Rooted

There are different styles of neckties. We use them for different reasons. To some, it is a part of their school uniform so they are bound to use it every time they leave for school. For others, it is essential to have this piece of clothing in their corporate outfit. Also, others use neckties when they need to attend a special occasion with a dress code. But where do you think, the idea of this piece of cloth have came from?

Neckties are rooted in the history of military. In 1974, a collection of sculptures of the Terracotta was discovered in Xian, China. This collection was the one that gave us the idea of the style worn by the soldiers in China more than a thousand years ago. Emperor Qin Shi Huang had a replica of his troops made that will be buried with him when he died. Each statue cloth wrapped in their neck as part of their uniform. This was considered as modern tie’s earliest predecessor known to us.

In Rome, Italy, in the Trajan’s column, there was also a depiction of the neckties. From 98 to 117 AD, Emperor Trajan who was a military genius in his time ruled Roman Empire. In 113AD, a marble column was erected in commemoration with his conquest in Dacia where we can see thousands of soldiers wearing different neckwear styles. Some believe, that those who wears those neckwear are the exceptional fighters and that wearing it is a sign of honor that befits their skills.

Neckties and the MilitaryAnother example of the necktie being worn in the settings of the military was during the middle ages in the war that have lasted for 30 years. The soldiers from Croatia, as their sign of support to France wore these neckties when they were presented to King Louis XIII. This cloth has then become fashionable in France by the time that King Louis XIV has taken over.

Many are saying that this was the beginning of the evolution of the neck tie that we are all aware of today.  In the past, wearing ties on the neck was a sign of being a part of a group in the society who have the responsibility to protect their nation thus they are sporting authority. Today, the usual people who wear the modern tie are those who are working in corporations or those who have an important positions in our society.

Neckties and wearing them have started from the settings of military which is why seeing neckties inspired by them are not at all surprising. For them, wearing this tie is more than just a part of their uniform. It is about their honor and their role in our society.

The military people are those who are serving our countries with their lives on the line. The sacrifices each of them made are priceless for there can never be anything that can replace the life they have given away for our safety. Through wearing anything that are inspired from them and what they do for all of us, we can at least show them that we appreciate them and what they meant in our society.

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