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Neckties-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Neckties-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Neckties are categorized as staple accessories for men working in a corporate setting or environment. One more interesting reality about millions of necktie wearers is that majority of them do not really have an idea of whose tie is better than others. Men wear neckties most of the time since working, attending corporate events or doing other functions in the corporate workplace usually takes much of their time yet they still know the significance of the ties they wear. If you are a necktie wearer, it pays to know the good, the bad and the ugly. In such case you can figure out if you are out of fashion or not or you can tell if your necktie is better than the other.


What Really Makes a Good Necktie?


If you wanted to show off a real art of manliness, then you better choose a necktie that best suits you. So the question is what really makes a good necktie?


Solid Color  

Each and every man must be aware that colors are vital factors to be considered when choosing a necktie. Color also says a lot about a good tie, a bad tie or an ugly tie. A good tie should have a solid color. It should also be versatile yet bold. It must perfectly blend with your outfit or the rest of your fashion ensemble.


Good Fabric

Neckties come in varieties of textures and materials. The best neckties are crafted from finest natural materials like wool and silk. But, you need to be careful when choosing a tie made out of these materials. Just because the necktie’s label indicates that it is made of 100% authentic silk does not necessarily mean that it is a good necktie. There are actually varying degrees when it comes to silk quality. The tighter and heavier the silk fabrics are, the better. A good necktie also has a durable construction. The tie must be free from any loose run or thread.


Great Designs

Apart from good fabric, great designs make up a good necktie. There are varieties of designs to choose from starting from colored patterns, striped neckties, woven ties up to printed ones. Great designs must be present in both woven and printed properties. A good tie comes with a great design that is rarely found in other neckties available in the market.


The Bad and Ugly Tie


The wrong way of wearing necktie can make everything about your get up unsightly. Bad and ugly ties are those that are poorly tied, tied too shortly, ties with clashing patterns and colors, stained and wrinkled ties and ties with wrong width.


Buying Good and Bad Tie Online


Since individuals have different taste and preference when it comes to necktie, one’s perfect choice might not be the best choice for the other. The best place to shop for good and even the not so good ties is online. There are multitudes of beautiful designs that individuals can choose from to complement their stylish formal attire.


Bret Rakfeldt