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The Perfect Combinations of Ties and Suits

The Perfect Combinations of Ties and Suits for Men


A smart tie and suit can surely make any man stand out from the rest in whatever situation. Are you out of inspiration or can’t seem to crack the perfect tie and suit color combo for you next suit up? You’re in the right place because below are few of the best and killer ties and suit combinations tips you can use.


How to Match Your Tie to Your Suit


Running out of color combination ideas? Take a lot at this color wheel to know which ones complement each other and which ones don’t. Remember that less is more when you’re in a suit. It’s not necessary to go out with crazy colors. Juts make a statement by layering with the perfect tones. Harmonize the warm with the cool colors.




Grey Suit and Tie Combinations



Grey is a wardrobe staple in the suit department. It has a range of different shades from charcoal to lighter tones. This offers versatility, which means it can complement with many colors. A grey suit is ideal for first interviews and even for weddings. It’s a relaxed alternation for a black suit but not less formal.



Grey Suit Black Tie – Black tie has always been a formal option. But it can be very strong when matched with a grey jacket. It works better with pale grey because it may get lost with dark colors. Opt for light-colored shirt underneath. Sky blue and white are perfect choices to complement black ties.
Grey Suit Blue Tie – If the grey is on the charcoal end of the wheel, choose a deeper navy blue tie. Pale grey suit also look good with bright, bold ties with polka dots pattern.
Grey Suit Red Tie – Red ties stand out against white shirts. Color wise, choose a softer shade of grey.
Grey Suit Purple Tie – Purple ties may seem adventurous and can be hard to match with a wardrobe but they can fit with grey suits impressively. Because it’s a bold color, it’s good for slightly darker tones of grey. This allows greater contrast.
Dark Grey Suit – Dark base cries for lighter shirt. White is always an option and more flexible with ties. Try to stick with browns, navy blues, and darker reds.




Black Suit Combinations



Black suits are classic-looking and versatile but are often termed to be boring and less adventurous but they don’t have to be that way. There are many options to enliven the palette and achieve the striking, smart effect. Black affords the luxury of adding more bold color splashes to it.


Black Suit Red Tie – Combination of black suit and red tie is very popular. Red provides a sharp, emphatic contrast and brightens appearance. The different shades of red give you room to tryout deeper tones. Polka detail is nice with a pocket square.
Light Blue Suits – Light blue is a bold choice. Brown is ideal for it. Brown and blue is a match made in heaven. Play with this strength and choose a golden brown tie with a pocket square combination over your white shirt.
With all the combinations, suiting up is always a fun thing to do for you. This is a chance for you to embrace a unique style and impress others with your stuff.




Bret Rakfeldt