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When is the Perfect Time/Occasion to Wear Bow Ties

When is the Perfect Time/Occasion to Wear Bow Ties?

Christmas ties, kid ties, extra long ties or any other color variation of bow ties surely offers elegance and a distinct look. With today’s modern day fashion for men, a significant role of bow ties arises when expressing sophistication and class. By using bow ties as a part of your fashion statement, you are getting closer in incorporating a unique touch on your casual outfit or traditional suit. Aside from the fact that it will bring out your taste for fashion, also, it will serve as a centerpiece which can bring life in your look that will surely make you stand out from the rest.

As you live in today’s world where everything changes so much, you will learn that even bow ties have also changed a lot, especially in terms of its design, color prominence or detail. You will not only find the classic color or detail of bow ties for there are new varieties of ties that will help you choose the best to complete your look like floral bow tie, zegna tie, teal tie, plaid tie, blush tie and many more. So, if you find yourself undecided on whether you are going to wear a bow tie or not, here, you will be able to discover which occasion or time will be best to wear your favorite navy blue tie and any other ties in your closet.

·         Formal events. Your classic black and gold bow ties will be your best option if you are wearing a traditional black tuxedo. Formal events is full of elegance and perfection where you need to wear your best outfit and bow ties can help you achieve the ideal look for the night. On the other hand, during day or warm weather days, it is recommended for you to wear light or cool colors like green bow tie.

·         Semi-formal events. Although black and gold bow ties are also safe colors to carry during semi-formal events, still, you need to be careful in wearing them for you not to look overdressed or too formal. You need to be creative and playful with different ties. Why not try floral bow ties or plaid tie for a cooler look?

·         Parties. Because of the fun and lively look you can get from bow ties, it is a great idea to wear them during your favorite party events. Christmas ties for a Christmas parties, why not? Sometimes, parents love to dress up their little boys with kids ties for a colorful and playful look.

·         Workplace. Though bow ties at your workplace aren’t quite that perfect, still, you can do some experiment on how you are going to avoid being overdressed. Some older professionals prefer to wear extra long ties but you may try plaid tie or zegna tie for a finer look.

Despite the popularity of bow ties among men’s fashion, still, there will be always be a perfect time or place to wear this unique and interesting accessory in order for you to achieve the ideal look you wanted to display and express your best personality and individuality.



Bret Rakfeldt