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Proper Ways to Mix and Match Men’s Outfit

Proper Ways to Mix and Match Men’s Outfit

Fashion makes you feel and looks unique. The consideration of using mix and match style is your option if you want to create a unique look and make your statement distinguishable among other styles. This makes you stand out from the crowd.

Wearing an attire is not just simply putting on a clothing according to its function, but you need to spice up things, too to make you look interesting. It is a combination of art and creativity that makes you look different. It is also very important to learn the skills of mix and match when you only have few number of clothes in your wardrobe.

Here are the best outfit combinations recommended for you.

Navy colors paired with stripes

You can both achieve a preppy and casual fashion statement that can be worn during social functions by wearing navy suit paired with striped shirts. This is one of the most common trend nowaday you should not miss wearing as this makes you not only gorgeous but conservative, too.

Striped suit and shirt

Stipes can also be combined together in one outfit however, there are still considerations to match them properly. Assume that both your shirt and suit are both stripes. Make sure the stripes of the shirt has a larger width. Do not wear the same width or size of stripes as well as same directions. If your suit has vertical stripes, make sure the shirt has a horizontal or slant direction.

Patterned shirt and trousers

Wearing a pair of trousers match with a long sleeved patterned shirt makes you look interesting. For some, wearing trousers paired with a colored shirt and a jumper may be weird, but this look makes you look more interesting and tasteful.

Polo shirts and jackets

Polo shirts are mostly worn during summertime, however, this clothing also works with weatherproof shells and lightweight jackets. Wearing them allows you to achieve a sporty look. For long-sleeved polo shirts, they can be best worn under blazers and sweaters.

Suit and Sneakers

Imagine a formal attire worn on top of a casual or sporty pair of shoes. This is the theme of this mix and match style judged by other men to be a wrong combination but try it at once and you will love how you feel and look.

For a sharp and stylish outfit, wearing a navy blue color tailored suit and a plain white shirt while sneakers are your footwear is not a sin. In fact, this gives you a casual and cool look. Some men may find this risky to match, but some treat it to be fun. To add the excitement, pair a red or blue patterned tie. Do not restrict yourself from feeling comfortable with your footwear while you are wearing a formal attire.

Mix and match styles required creativity and wild imagination on how you are going to combine different sets of clothing and make it harmonious at the same time. Mix and match are stylish when done appropriately but too risky when you got in the wrong way.



Bret Rakfeldt