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Proper Ways to Wear a Tie

Proper Ways to Wear a Tie

It is very important to wear a decent tie. This is a necessity for men and they should pay attention to the proper way of tying and wearing it. Just imagine a suit without a tie. It will not give you the perfect look without it.

Tying a tie can be considered as a big battle for men especially those who are not frequently doing it or they just have to wear a tie during special occasions. There are rules when wearing a tie properly to ensure you achieve the best look.

Tighten the tie

Recently, it is very noticeable men wear their ties loosely. This is an informal way of doing it. It makes you look like tired from work and you need to loosen your tie. Always remember, although the tie is considered as a fashion accessory, this is still part of your attire that you should give your attention to it.

The knot should be situated above the first button of your shirt. The top button should be covered by the tie to make the tie look tight. Make sure if you are tying the tie you must apply the right amount of tension so you do not have to repeat the tying steps again which may cause damage to the fabric.

Ensure that the tail of tie is shorter than its blade

To ensure you got it correctly, you need to adjust the length of the two ends of the tie as you set it around your neck and before you start tying it. When you place the tie around your neck, make sure the tail should be leveled on your label. As a result, the wide portion of the tie should have its tip leveled on the buckle of your belt.

The size of the knot should be proportionate to the collar of the shirt

When you choose a tie, you should base it on the type of collar of your shirt. This is very important due to the rule that the knot should fill the space not occupied by the collar. Therefore, the wide collar should be matched with big knots and smaller knots are for narrow collars.

Align the knot to the collar of the shirt and it should hide the buttons of your shirt. But if you are having a hard time doing this rule, you should stick to the simplest knot like Half Windsor or Four-in-Hand. When you get used to these knot styles, you can practice for a more complicated one.

Never use formal ties for button down collars

If you attend an informal occasion, the appropriate way is to wear a casual tie for button down collars. This is usually a big mistake for guys that should be corrected.

Following all these rules will get you out of stress when wearing a tie. Along with this simple tips, you also need to check out the appropriate color, pattern and printed tie that should match your shirt or suit to create a perfect outfit.



Bret Rakfeldt