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A Red Necktie or a Blue one?



Now you know how to match your tie with your shirt, there comes another confusion. Which color of tie should I spot? Black? Red? Blue?An initial thought would be to follow the guidelines given in the previous post, and that is great. However, are you aware that the color of your necktie is often used as a judge for your personality (at least the personality you hope to portray at the time)? Yeah, you heard that right.


It is generally accepted that black neckties are for very formal events (remember never to try one out to an interview), even flashy/fancy gatherings (the “black tie” event?). By now you are probably thinking about the association of red and blue neckties to politics. You are also wondering whether a red necktie or a blue necktie will serve you best. Why do politicians often make a choice between a red colored necktie and a blue one, often alternating them?


The choice of a tie color basically comes down to the image you hope to portray at any particular event.


Red Necktie


Red is a ‘power color’ (really?). The tell-tale signs of emergency in todays’ world is often associated with the color red.Red is also quite synonymous with aggression (an angry person gets quite literally red in the face), passion, sin (remember the biblical association of red to sin? Or the use of the term “red light district” to describe areas where brothels are?) and strength. In Chinese culture, red is often associated with wealth and good luck (red is not all bad after all).


When to use a red Necktie


So, are you considering using a red necktie? What is your aim? Research puts you in good stead to use a red necktie,if your aim is to exude confidence, display boldness and dominance or take an assertive stance. While this can be a good thing, if the color red is overbearing on the entire attire, you tend to appear arrogant or cocky before others. A touch of red in your tie contrasted by some calmer colored shirt makes your look just perfect (calm but confident). Remember, a red tie requires a calmer (darker if you will) color theme on the background. For the everyday work wear, you might want to try a red wool tie, or a red silk tie for a more classic power look.


Blue Necktie


Blue is a soothing or calming color when compared to red. Due to its association with the sky and water bodies, blue has gained popularity as indicating peace, openness, honesty and reliability. Blue is, however, not a weak color.


When to use a Blue Necktie


Blueis a safe color to fall back on when presenting the image of a team worker and a reliable person, while still exuding confidence. Blue is also a safe color when unsure what best suites. Navy blue is great at exuding confidence while portraying solidity (think: respect for the navy and pilots). That said, blue is also a great color for interviews and a wonderful idea in the business world.


Final tip:


When you consider a color, think image.



Bret Rakfeldt