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How to Rock a bow tie Like a Pro

Wearing a Bow Tie: How to Rock it Like a Pro

Bow ties are accessories of class. When you wear one, you are making a statement. It is the conversational piece that demands some responsibilities from your part. A lot of your character, your personal style, and even your personality can be evoked by wearing this bow tie. With this, you need to masterfully sport wearing one so as you can wear your bow tie with confidence.  Here are some tips you can dwell on.


·         Tie it on your own


A self-tie bow tie is what you should get instead of those bow ties that are of pre-tied varieties or the clip-on bow ties. If you really want to master this accessory, learning how to tie on your own is a must.



·         Balance


When donning a bow tie, it is all about balance. You need to keep it simple. Keeping your bow tie simpler will allow you to pair with accessories and shirt colors that are bolder.



·         Remove Perfection in the Picture


After mastering the basics of knotting your tie, never think that your knot tying needs to be perfect. It does not need to.  Those little imperfections are what makes it great.



·         Know when not to wear bow ties


Wearing a bow tie will not always be appropriate. It is imperative to know when wearing one is not appropriate.



·         Know when to Wear Bow ties


If there are times that wearing bow ties is inappropriate, there are also times when it would be appropriate to wear one. Examples of these would be for formal events and weddings, religion services, in the office and brunch.



·         Mind the tie fabric


When selecting which bow tie to wear, always put into consideration the fabric it was made of. For affairs that are more formal and staple, wool and silk bow ties will be perfect while seersucker, cotton, and linen bow ties are great for events that are casual.



·         Consider the Shape


When you are considering which bow tie to wear, you should also consider the shape. Butterfly bow ties are the traditional shape while the club round ones are the trendy and unique ones. The former can be worn all sorts of occasions while the latter would be good if you are going to go out for casual occasions.



·         Know the famous individuals who wore bow ties


Many famous individuals wore bow ties in some occasions they have attended. With that alone, you know that you are not alone in wearing one.


·         Always think of bow ties as cool


Remember that bow ties are cool especially when you are having second thoughts of wearing one.  Cool bow ties can make the difference you need to your style that can make the statement.  Be it a black bow tie, blue bow tie or any color of bow ties, they will be cool especially when you have the confidence.


Men’s bow ties are accessories that are not okay with subtlety. With wearing a bow tie, you have accepted the responsibility to wear it with confidence and pride. These tips will be your key to achieving just that.




Bret Rakfeldt