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Se7en Worst Necktie Techniques

Se7en Worst Necktie Techniques

Even wearing a necktie also needs the rule to follow unless you are an expert in mix and match techniques. Whatever you wear and how you wear it reflects your personality. This is important especially if you are one of the executives of your office or you may be the boss.

Sometimes other people tend to judge a person by his attire, how he carry it and how does it look. This will then leave them an impression after they judge what they saw so you need to know how to correct some of your necktie techniques. Here are some of the things you should remember.

Overloaded tie accessories. Tie bars and tie clips are just some of the accessories for a tie. Clips for the tie are clipped horizontally attaching the tie on the dress shirt. The same rule is applicable for the clip for bow ties. Do not use two accessories at the same time.

Unproportionate width of a tie. A tie may look out of place if they are not worn appropriately based on the dress shirt, tie knot, suit, and your body type.

Improper tie in an event. For black tie functions, the tuxedo is mostly worn to match the elegance of the event. You can pair it with a black bow tie that must be self-tied. Since white tie function is more formal, you must wear a white bow tie to have a minimal decoration.

For less formal events, you can wear an ascot tie which is also usually worn during weddings or there are also wedding ties which are really intended for the occasion.

Inappropriate tie knot. The knot must be proportionate like slim tie must have a small tie knot, too. The best tie knot for skinny ties should be asymmetrical with a loose side or you may use a four-in-hand knot to make it more perfect.

Clashing colors. Do not use a tie with the same color with your dress shirt or suit. If you wear a light colored suit or shirt, pair it with a dark-colored tie. If you are in doubt, you can try a purple tie because it stands out over neutral colored suits like gray and black. You can also wear bright-colored ties like the orange tie, yellow tie, burgundy tie, coral tie, and red bow tie.

Clashing patterns. Never ever wear a tie with the same pattern like your dress shirt. For example, a combination of white and orange striped shirt matches a plain navy blue tie or white tie. If you would wear a shirt with large polka dots, you can also wear a knit tie or Zegna tie but with smaller polka dots.

Too long or too short ties. The incorrect length of your tie may leave a negative impression for those who will see it. For too short ties, use a four-in-hand knot because it does not take too much of its length and for too long ties, use a double Windsor knot which is perfect for this length because it takes a greater length of the tie.


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