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How to Select Tie and Their Designs

How to Select Tie and Their Designs


When buying a tie, you should not just pick the first necktie that caught your eyes.  Neckties are more than just a cloth that men wear around their necks. If you think that wearing one is silly, take a step back and think again. There is something about this cloth that makes a man look assertive, put together and powerful.


Instead of fighting the idea of wearing it, you should start embracing the idea. And while you do, you should not just pick one without thinking about. You should know some things before proceeding to your necktie selection.


Here is a guide to make you do just that. Be it designers ties or cheap ties you are looking for, this guide will be beneficial for you.


Selecting your Tie


When it comes to picking or creating the right neckties, there is an art in it. You may not realize it, but there could be a lot of things about that are conveyed by the necktie you are wearing. Whenever you are out to pick your necktie, consider these things to ensure that your purchase will be a good one.


1.       Shape and size of ties


When you are looking for the sizes of men’s neckties, it would be best to go with the standard width and length. You should make sure that tip of your tie will come right to the belt buckles top. The standard width of a tie plays around 3 ¼ to 3 ¾.  There are also the slim ties.  Though it can give you a cool and hip edge, you should really think about when you should be using it. It might look good when you are to go out with friends. However, it is not the best choice of tie for formal events such as job interview.



2.       Fabric


Ties for men come in various textures and materials. Silk ties, wool ties, cashmere ties are the best ties for this matter.  However, being careful with your selection is necessary even when the label states that they are 100% silk ties. When it comes to silk quality, the degree is varying. If the silk is tighter and heavier, it is better.



3.       Tie Construction


Get the narrow end of the tie and hold it up from there. It if turns and twists, then the materials are not cut correctly. This makes neckties that will not hang correctly from the neck. You should also check if the necktie is symmetrical. Checking for any loose threads on the material is also important.



4.       The Design


It does not matter if you are looking for cheap ties or designers’ ties and anything in between. The feel of the tie fabric is essential to your selection. The term hand is used to describe its texture, weight, and feel. The woven and print ties are the basic types of the hands.



The print ties are more popular as they are less expensive and can pass as cheap ties. However, the design that woven ties provide are more vibrant and are made of finer materials.


In the end, it will be up to you which tie you will choose. But while you are at the task, it is better to think of these tips to ensure that you have the best ties in your collection regardless if they are designers’ ties or the cheap ones.




Bret Rakfeldt