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Shirt Trends for Men



The shirts are the basic and most important apparel to any man’s wardrobe whether in summers or in winters. For a new look every day your wardrobe must be full of all kinds of shirts. A man is known by his dressing sense and the way you dress up depicts your personality and your identity.

This season’s trend has all ravishing colors and splendid prints in fashion. We have made all our efforts to draft some guidelines for you before you go for summer shopping according to different needs of every man belonging to every walk of life.



The best casual wear for tops is a T-shirt and the right choice of T-shirts can make you look a hunk even if you are sitting in your lounge and chilling while watching a movie, going out for some grocery shopping from that mart nearby or just taking out your dog for a brisk walk in the morning.  T-shirts might not be your choice for professional dress up or office wear but they are your true body friend for the rest of the day or during the summer vacations.


POLO T-Shirts:

Polo T-shirts seem to be in the trend lines ever since their origin and look doubtlessly cool.  Pair it up with nice snickers and denim to complete your look. Polo T-shirts can be found in a wide variety of colors and styles, preserving the classic collar look in every design. ‘Wine red’ is the preferred color for Polo T-shirts this summer.


Printed T-shirts:

When it comes to printed T-shirts there is no limit to the variety of colors and patterns this season’s fashion trends, offer all men out there, it is enough to fill your wardrobe and help you create a new dashing look every day.

The top prints of 2017:
·        Get that hot military look with camouflage printed T-shirts.

·        Monochromatic prints (both bold patterns and graceful patterns), Black and white is the definition of a man’s classiness.

·        Revive your childhood memories with your favorite childhood prints, feel free to wear them during your holidays and if you are daring enough fashion follower, wear them elsewhere too.

·        Do you have some favorite slangs or quotes? Find T-shirts with those words or find someone who can do customized printing for your T-shirts and astonish your friends with your coolness.
Go for whatever catches your eye and you think will define your personality.


Cotton Shirts:

Summer is all about the cool and refreshing look, and the shirts you wear do have an impact on the atmosphere around you. Cotton shirts in slim fitting depict sophistication, simplicity, and elegance of a graceful man. A perfect wear for your daily office routine. To spice up your professional look wear cotton shirt with a dark color cotton blazer and a cotton or silk tie. A perfect dress up gives you all the needed confidence in your competitive work environment.

Women like strong and brutal-looking men and the classic dress shirts give you a perfect image to win a woman’s, heart.



Summer evenings are slightly cooler than the long days of scorching heat and the weekend is the time for gatherings with friends and family. This is the time for hunky Denim shirts. Denim and blue are one of the top most fashion trends this summer to give you a tough, graceful and stylish look. All the women agree that men look irresistibly hot in Denim shirts. All the shades are in so buy a few denim shirts for your summer wardrobe collection and pair them up with a pair of khaki chinos to stand out at any occasion.



Bret Rakfeldt