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Custom tie is considered as one of the most essential and basic accessories in a man’s wardrobe. Knowing how to correctly tie a custom tie will give you a more professional, attractive and polished appearance.


In today’s fashion, there are a lot of innovative ways to look fashionable and attractive. Among the best ways to be in fashion is through elegant and fancy accessories such as neckties, watch and many more.


But in terms of elegance it is well known to a lot of people all over the world that neckties are a must. This is because when it comes to elegance or being formal it is pass through the ages the use of neckties.


Neckties are very attractive that it adds the whole formal ware to be more fancy and captivating. The use of neckties doe not only limit for men which makes it very beneficial especially when it comes to adding elegance.


There are abundant stores in the United States of America that manufactures the best neckties. They are reputable in manufacturing state of the art design neckties for the whole world to benefit. In the United States of America, there are a lot of promising necktie designer that would blow your mind away when it comes to necktie style and design.


They produce the elegant necktie that turns an ordinary formal suit to become more attractive and head turner. Neckties that are made in the United States of America are full of life. It has a lot of colors and designs for people to choose from.


Custom Necktie Company’s


·         General Knot and Corporation in New York City– It is an England based necktie company. The General Knot and Corporation is one of the popular necktie companies in England which had integrated necktie selling in the United States of America specifically in New York City.


This excellent necktie company has also a wide range of neckties that are reputable in both counties. This necktie company produces popular handmade fine vintage and dead stock fabrics. The range in price based on their New York store ranges to about 90 US dollars up to 140 US dollars.


·         The Alexander Olch New York– It is among the popular and well-rounded necktie shop in the United States of America. The Alexander Olch is located in central New York City. This necktie store is an original US based store that sells reputable and alluring neckties in New York City.


The neckties that are sold in Alexander Olch are usually made out of fabrics such as linen, wool, silk and cotton. This store sells Bestselling neckties such as English Seersucker, English Pinefeather Corduroy Cotton, English Wool, The Gray sons, Medium Wool Gingham, Soft Woven Plaid and Wool Herringbone. The range of reputable neckties sold in this store ranges to about 100 US dollars to 150 US dollars.


If you are one of those people who are in search for new designs and styles of knots and neckties, NEVER TIE is the ultimate solution to your problem. They offer a wide selection of new styles and designs of neckties that you can choose from.



Bret Rakfeldt