Mens Shorts

Shorts Trending This Summer




Some men are more fond of wearing shorts are preferred casual wear over anything else for the level of comfort and ease they offer on hot summer days. It might be difficult to find the right pair for yourself according to your needs and fashion trends. Every wants comfort, but not at the cost of looking pathetic. Shorts are definitely not the easiest thing to pull off keeping a chic look, and requires some effort and selection of the right shorts which subsist with the level of comfort you are looking for while giving you fashion appropriate look. We have done our efforts in creating a guideline of all the do’s and donts to help you look the best in your shorts for a perfect athletic, sporty and casual look.



One major key to buying any shorts is to make sure you try them on before buying, because a pair of shorts that looks good apparently might not suit you. It is really important to keep in mind your body weight, height and buy the right shorts according to the proportions which go with your legs like if you want to buy short/cropped shorts they must look short on you.


Short/Cropped Shorts:

Cropped shorts are very much into trends this summer and you can create a perfect beach and sporty casual look with them. It really depends on the occasion you want to wear them, but cropped shorts are a tremendous option for casual wear.



It’s good if you go for more adroit colors, but don’t be afraid to try colorful shorts like pastel colors, or bold printed shorts. We suggest you give a shot to the trending patterns like monochromatic prints, camouflage or stripped shorts.



Wear camouflage printed cropped shorts with a military green T-shirt with espadrilles in any tone of camouflage.


Tailored Shorts:

They are a refined and a bit of more sophisticated form of shorts, they have a texture and material like chinos.



The preferred colors for tailored shorts are beige, white, navy blue, light blue, denim blue, army green and gray. Buy most versatile colors to go with many tops for different stylish looks this season.



Wear khaki or beige shorts with white shirt keeping the top three buttons open, you can also pull off a thin cotton single fold blazer for a smart casual look depending on the occasion you are wearing it for and wearing loafers will complete the look.


Wear any color shorts with any color T-shirt and an open button cotton dress shirt with slip-on sneakers for another smart casual look.


Baggy Shorts:

Baggy shorts have evolved to become more of a very casual wear. One very important thing to keep in mind before buying baggy shorts is keeping in mind your shoulder and thigh proportions, and the length of the baggy shorts shall be an inch above your knees to keep it ideal. You can wear them in any desired color, preferably with T-shirts and slip-on sneakers to flaunt that swag.


Bret Rakfeldt