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3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

3 Tips About Necktie You Can’t Afford to Miss

The purpose why you wear a necktie is to enhance your appeal while you carry your overall attire with pride. You aim to have others glance at you and make their jaw dropped with awe. Wearing a tie is not just simply wearing them, but they must also be emphasized.

Some men even spend money to buy a designer tie like Jerry Garcia ties, Ralph Lauren, and other popular brands. Cheap bow ties often have basic violet color and you should be careful in pairing them with your suit if you choose them. We want to help you look stunning using different factors we want to share with you.

Color of the Tie

The first tip when using color as your basis in looking for a tie that suits you is to match it with the color of your suit or shirt. The appropriate way is shirt and tie must have contrasting colors and so must suit and tie, too.

If you want to look sophisticated, bow ties are cool if paired with your cool blue suit. You can use a green tie or royal blue tie to match it. You can also try a blue tie that contrasts the color of your shirt. Another option is to pair the red tie which is also called a power tie with your shirt with a light color.

It is called power tie because it can capture anybody’s attention. The white colored dress shirt and dark navy three-piece suit matched a pink tie or blue bow tie.

The other trick is to match the color of your tie with your particular features. If you have a light colored hair but have a low contrast fair skin, you can select monochromatic and pastel colors. However, if you have a dark hair a high contrast light skin, choose a color of a tie with defined lines on them.


This can be the trick that most men find it hard to choose. Just remember that the pattern of your tie should not conflict with your suit’s or shirt’s pattern to avoid them from clashing together. It looks cool if you pair your thin-striped shirt with a polka dot tie.

But if you want to use a striped tie also, make sure that the width or size of its stripe is different or you may use a plaid tie as an alternative. Using a wool tie is also the best match for a smooth jacket.

Knot tie

The knot tie should compliment the style of the collar of the shirt or suit. Collars have two types, one is the narrow point and the other one is the spread collar. The bigger the tie knots, the greater it requires more tie. The best tie knot for a spread collar could be the Windsor knot.

Mixing patterns, color, and knot styles is an art which needs an intuitive thinking. You can also use your own artistry to match your own suits or dress shirt with an attractive neck tie.



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Bow Tie for Men This Christmas

How to Choose a Bow Tie for Men This Christmas


If you are planning to buy a men’s bow tie as a gift this Christmas, but are not sure which tie you need to choose, then there are some tips, which can help you decide. In case you didn’t know yet, men’s tie come in different types of design options, which includes materials, sizes, shapes and colors. The tie you select will depend on the preferences of the man you are planning to shop; however, you will find some tie shopping guidelines you need to consider first.


Color of the Bow Tie


The color of the tie, which is worn, will signify the man who’s wearing it. Along with countless color combination to choose from, it’s a great idea to pick a color, which can be work for the different occasions. Solid colors like green necktie or red tie can pretty much wear anywhere and will still look amazing. Most of the times, a man who’s going to work in an office will typically wear colors such as black, blue or white. Meanwhile, for a formal occasion, the bow tie would be silver, gold, and black. For those people who work in the entertainment industry, they might prefer to wear a louder color of the tie.


Patterns and Designs


Men ties come with different patterns and designs. The tie could be crossed, dotted and stripped. It can include letters and images. Some of these ties will not be fitted for a very business or formal like event but it just depends on the personality and preference of the man. If you are planning to give it to a more serious man, the wild or funny ties will likely not to be a perfect choice. If your man is the outgoing type and prefers to make people laugh, then a tie with different cartoon animals or colored spots will be a smart choice for him.




Apart from the color, pattern, and designs of the bow tie, you need to consider the material of it as well. You are aware that ties could come in any material like polyester, jean, cotton, silk and even nylon. Ties that are made from silk are easy to keep, as they don’t need ironing, however, need to be brought to dry cleaners for cleaning. Even though silk ties can be expensive, they are elegant looking. Jean bow ties aren’t the typical one, however for those old-fashioned and unique guys, they are the ideal choice.


The Type of Tie


The last thing you need to consider when planning to buy a tie for men this Christmas is the type of tie. Some are long and there are short ties, skinny and wide ties. Short ties would be fitter for a shorter man while the longer ones can work for taller men.


After you have chosen which necktie is just right for your man, be certain that you get a gift receipt in case. Keep these buying tips for a necktie to know the important things you need to consider.



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Necktie Collection

Building Necktie Collection: The Styles of Neckties to Know About


Necktie CollectionMost men just buy neckties without thinking the degree of its usefulness. They simply pick those ties without considering if it’s versatile enough to wear on weddings, interviews, and other events. When you are building a necktie collection, it is not enough that you have a collection of designer ties.  They should embody useful and versatility. In hunting neckties from the cheap neckties up to the expensive ones and everything in between, you should always think of how the tie serve your needs best.


Whenever you are shopping for men’s neckties, your focus should be on finding styles that can be worn on regular basis. Here is the list of the common necktie styles that you should be aware of.


1.       Solid neckties


When looking for ties for men, a man should purchase this one first. The most versatile color and the safest one as well is the dark blue ties. Rich and deep colors will also do like that of a burgundy tie. Stay away from bright colors as much as possible.


This tier style will be appropriate for business – be it a strict or relaxed one. You could also wear it for casual activities depending on the color of your tie.


2.       Polka Dot Neckties


Polka dots may not be that ideal for your dress clothing. However, with neckties, it would be a good one. Wearing polka dots ties for men will be great for your daily work.


3.       Foulard Neckties


Foulard ties are those men’s neckties that have symmetrical and repeating patterns in a block array that are gridded. Having one of these will be great so as you will not be stuck wearing polka dots and solid neckties in all the events you will attend to. It gives you a bolder look without the need to look gaudy.



4.       Paisley Neckties


A paisley tie has curved and repeating designs that have originated from the Middle East. It helps you achieve a casual look but you can also use it for the same reason that you use polka dots ties for. Owning one of these styles will be great for your collection.


5.       Sports and Club Neckties


Cheap NecktiesThis is almost the same with the foulard ties for men. The only difference is that they have a theme. The repeated pattern that you can see in it is a crest or an emblem that are recognizable. Usually, between its designs, there are plenty of spaces.  This is why there are just half-dozen or more of the designs are visible in it. The origin of the style comes from the gentleman’s clubs. Adding this to your men’s neckties collection will be great. Just buy one of them as they are not advisable to wear for business events.


When thinking of building your neckties collection. Do not just pick them just because they are designer ties. Always think about their versatility. Also, consider how you can maximize the use of it in accordance to your needs. It does not matter of your buy cheap neckties or designer ties. What you should think of when buying ties for men is their usefulness and versatility for you and your needs.

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Necktie Blues

Necktie Blues – The Leading Choice of Men of Ties


For men, having a blue necktie on their closet makes them prepared for any occasion. It is logical for them to have navy ties in their wardrobe. The fact that necktie blues are convenient to match, sophisticated and elegant, majority of men make it as their first choice for ties. For men, it is worth a hundred colored ties saving them thousands of money.


What you need to take note about dark ties like navy blue ties is that they are more versatile than any other colored ties. With this, they can create a fitted contrast to any suit color. More than anything, navy blue bow ties can emphasize your personality as a man. Another quality of necktie blues that makes them the first option of men for neckties is that it is professional to look at as if you are a businessperson. Even when you have to wear in ordinary occasions, it matches well with any suit of whatever color making it a practical and useful choice of ties. Aside from that, you can also make the most of your day with this elegant and fashionable colored tie.


When shopping for blue neckties of whatever shade, you should consider opting for the best shade that will compliment your personality and your suit at the same time. Among the many shades of blue neckties, navy blue bow ties really stand out from the rest. It became a representation of honor, royalty, reverence, and valor to men that it why they cannot go to a special event without it. No guy would argue about the uniqueness and sophistication offered by navy blue bow ties. Once you choose to wear the tie, you are not getting wrong with your decision because you will look manly all throughout the day with it.


Definitely, you can find cheap navy blue ties available in the market today. With a wide array of options that you have, you won’t find it hard to look for the best quality of the tie. Whether you want patterned or patterned navy blue ties, you can expect that you will quickly find them hanging somewhere in your local shopping store. With navy blue ties, it is enough that you only have one color of necktie in your closet because it doesn’t have limitations. It is your necktie for all seasons.


Keep your head held high and be confident as you wear a blue necktie whether you are at work or at any event. Navy blue bow ties are exactly what you call a quality investment because you can go a long way with it. Your imagination is the only limit, the rest are possible with it. When picking a necktie that can suit any occasion, necktie blues are a great choice for you. So the next time you shop, make sure to grab a navy blue tie to make the most of your investment for ties. Bring out the best in you with a colored tie for all seasons.



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Dressing is an essential aspect of any individual’s life. A totally undressed person out on the streets will, after all, be termed ‘mad’.


For men, dressing comes down to the shirt and tie, pants, socks, and shoes. As with every aspect of a person’s life, first impression matters greatly. I don’t think people realize what an impact first impression has in the immediate moment you meet someone, or the impact it has on their lasting impression of you (The “addressed how you dress” phrase, easily comes to mind here).


Shirt and tie is an essential part of every man’s dress (which part really isn’t?). It is practically one of the first settling points of the eyes on any man’s dress. Shirt and tie is even more important when the dressing is for a formal occasion, or when it is the customary dress style in your place of work.


Assuming you have no problem selecting a pair of matching pants, can you just throw on any shirt and tie, hoping it works? NO. The shirt and tie need to blend into themselves, coming together as great partners. When putting together a shirt and tie combination, what should you look out for?


Some seem extraordinary in their abilities to ensemble patterns, colors and texture. Most others are perpetually unsure of what fits – reveling in the one “great” combination they pulled off, until called out by friends and colleagues, or randomly selecting any piece of tie for the shirt they’ve chosen for the day – thus consigning their choices into a safe play of repeated solids or the conceivable deniability of random selection.


Helpful Tips for Selecting a Good Shirt and tie Combo.


1.    Both tie and shirt are un-patterned:


The rule of thumb here is to use two contrasting color combinations, for instance, a bright shirt better matches a dark tie, and vice-versa. Be sure NEVER to use the exact same color for your shirt as your tie (this is childish, really!). If, however, you do decide to use something close rather than contrasting, analogous colors are also smooth (i.e. use contrasting shades of the same color for the shirt and tie).


2.    Pattern-on-solid combination:


Okay, so you’ve got a solid shirt and a patterned tie (or reverse)? The trick here is to have one of the colors of your patterned tie match the color in your solid shirt. The reverse follows the same principle.


3.    Pattern-on-pattern combination:


Now this is trickier, but brings more flare (and maturity) to your dressing. It also requires more thinking. That said, a number of principles should be followed to give you the right combo. First, avoid pairing a shirt and tie with the same pattern type (e.g. dotted shirts and dotted ties should not go together). Also, vary the size of the patterns-as a rule of thumb, large patterns blend better with smaller ones. Finally, while you want to have at least one color within both patterns that match, avoid a shirt and tie pairing with the same base/dominant color (a natural progression from the very first tip).


Final notes to remember:


1) Your collar and tie should be in proportion to each other. 2) Shirt and tie patterns should not look rowdy. 3) Feel free to experiment with your patterns and colors – use them as a tool to express your creativity. 4) As one last bonus tip, if you have no idea what color of shirt best suits you, take a look at your skin color.



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Actors and Neckties

Actor and Neckties


Wearing a necktie is considered as a notable characteristic of an actor today, most especially during the award giving season. Although a necktie may change in its trends or fashion, most of the famous actors in this generation embraces the challenges and its pace. Most of the actors are great followers of the new trends of fashion while keeping in their mind the simple and basic of fashion as they wear their neckties.


Today, there are lots of popular actors who showcase their own style and fashion wearing neckties. During award giving seasons, actors are often noticed wearinga necktie that compliments to their tuxedos and suits. It gives them the confidence to have a complete look and make their outfit look more formal while adding some splash to the dark color of their suits.


Actors and Fashion


Because of this, actors consider their necktie as the integral part of their fashion. Despite the many changes it may bring, it is the best to wear them during formal events. It serves as the most important part of men’s fashion that can acquire the attention of lots of people.


Aside from this, an actor who wears their neckties looks more professional and sustains their successful status. Thus, they really become a good looking man wherein they can earn lots of respect. With the right choice of necktie, most of these actors looks like a person who showcase real significance in their industry that they belong. Also, a necktie will not just make you look good and allow you to show your best for it can also speak for the actor’s positions. It is a great stimulus to motivate other people to teach them how to dress accordingly and showcase the importance of proper dressing by simply having a nice suit and a necktie.


Actors and Fashion


Lots of actors nowadays have fulfilled all of their dreams in the world of entertainment. Having the perfect looks helps them become highly prepared as they enter it and show to the people who they really are. Nice suit and neckties will surely shock the people once it provides you a great appearance that can enlighten your mood. Furthermore, an actor who wears nice suits or tuxedo with neckties can showcase their personal branding of themselves. Being an actor means you need to find the right outfit for yourself to ensure that you will stand out from the rest. Having the right presentation of yourself will show to the people what you can do and how you love your career as well.


Today’s Actors


Many of the actors today uses neckties for different reasons. Some of them want to have a fashion look or have a unique style while some feels more comfortable if they know that they have nice outfit. Through this, you will be provided with great confidence to present yourself to the people. Therefore, you need to ensure that you know how to choose the right necktie for your next award giving season and stand out from the rest.


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