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Reuse Your Old Neckties and Make Arts and Crafts

When you have various old neckties at home, it does not necessarily mean that these will go directly to the trash bags. You have to keep in mind that even old neckties can be recycled or can be turned into artistic and unique creations.

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Some individuals may not know it but there are actually many ways on how to reuse old ties and make excellent arts and crafts. These include but not limited to the following:

Make Quilt

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways on how to reuse old ties artistically. Making quilts out of used and old neckties is a practical option. You need to have at least one dozen neckties, flannel fabric and of course a sewing machine for better lining. Since a standard necktie measures about 58 inches long when untied, fabric actually has the most ideal length for making a quilt. To begin with, you need to cut the tie’s stitching and unfold the tie and remove its inner lining. The next step is to sew the fabric pieces together. The wide end of the tie must connect with the other tie’s narrow end. Finally, make use of flannel fabric for the blanket’s lining.

Silk Scarf  

Another suggested way of reusing old neckties and making arts and crafts is making silk scarf for men. The first step if to cut the tie’s stitching. You will then need to fold the necktie and then open and remove inner lining. The fabric piece must measure 58 inches long and about 4 inches wide on narrow end. You need to properly cut the fabric piece in a rectangle size measuring 50 by 4 inches. Lastly, you need to take fine cashmere fabric, choose a classic color then cut the fabric with the given size and sew it to the inner lining of the silk.

Couch Pillow

wedding tiesIf you are searching for more challenging ways to reuse old ties and make arts and crafts, you can consider doing couch pillow. Making pillow out of your old neckties might just be the perfect activity for you. There are many good instructions you can access online with regards to this activity.

Necktie Bag

This project will perhaps require solid sewing skills. You can actually make a unique and stylish tote bag out of your old ties. This tends to be a famous craft project and there is handful of decent and helpful instructions that can help you facilitate this project.

These are just few of the countless ways to reuse your old neckties and turn them to creative masterpieces. Old ties can be made into stuffed rattlesnake toys, matching stool and area rug, miniskirt, clutch purse, mini purse, cocktail dress, belt and many more. You just have to bring out all the creativity in you in order to end up with beautiful and extraordinary arts and crafts.

Investing on ties can be one smart decision to enhance your appearance, become more presentable and fashionable. But once your neckties turn old and are used minimally, it is about time to turn them into amazing things in a different way.

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