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Black Tie

Black Tie: Classic Men Accessory


The word black tie is utilized to show class and professionalism. The black tie is a good example of an elegant man. It’s also the easiest and simplest tie to match to any attire. It’s well known that each man must own at least one black tie in their clothes. Even if in previous years, the black tie was somewhat boring and simple, at this point in time there are lots of remarkable choices for black ties which offer the wearer a good opportunity, not just to look presentable and classy and give off a lavish air around them, but also express a bit of their character. Diverse seasons also call for diverse ties which are black.


There are various prints, fabrics as well as sizes that provide a wide spectrum of choices to put together the most mature and professional outfit. Also, these days these black ties can be use in many fun ways apart from the standard suit, they are remarkable for both outings as well as office. If you want to make a remarkable impression the next business or even romantic date with your girlfriend, a black tie will surely do the trick.


In the winter, you can see great print neckties which incorporate black. Normally in the winter you wear heavier garments, darker colors and thicker materials. The black tie is best used with a white button-up t-shirt, even if it looks remarkable with a flashy red tees or a toned down blue. There are thicker textile ties like wool or cotton is great for winter ties. During winter, the thicker more classic black tie can be used with a thick overcoat on top along with a dark colored tee on bottom. But, don’t overdo it with dark colored button tee as you don’t want the necktie to blend in. When you’re not going for the typical white shirt, still you can choose a colored shirt and even a darker tone; only ensure that the neckties doesn’t disappear into the setting.


For summer days, there are silk tie which add a bit of flash to your look. Silk ties provide a stunning reflection as well as interesting colors could be integrated into the necktie to go along with the overall outfit. The warmer months provide you room to try out and have fun with your necktie. Try the diverse lengths and sizes, this will provide you lots of room to make the necktie not just show your personality but also provides you a chance to set apart from the rest.


The black tie has always been a way to express professionalism and class. Now they are very popular not just for the workplace or office but also as a fun accessory to a combination of rugged pants or jeans and button down tee. There are lots of various ways which you can wear a black tie which is fun and stylish, that provides this time proven model black tie a new exciting and fun twist.



Bret Rakfeldt