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Amazing Bow Ties Hacks

Amazing Bow Ties Hacks


Bow ties were first seen in the 19th century as a modern form of necktie with a different style. In the year 1880, bow ties become stapled in men’s fashion and were widely used by many in formal gatherings. When it earned its first mass acceptance into men’s wardrobe and fashion, it underwent several changes in form and function. It goes beyond the purpose of being just for traditional typecast and formal occasions.


In the present time, it embraces not just the formal world but runway, celebrity fashion and street style as well. Bow ties have been re-invented into different style and looks. It breaks free from the rule that once before it is only used for formality. Today, bow ties are considered as one of the most famous and favorite men’s accessories. But, modern women and their fashion also use bow ties in different ways as well. In this modern world, wearing bow ties doesn’t really require rules except for one.


It should complement and match the overall outfit. If you will wear a cummerbund for instance, make sure that the color and material of it is the same as with the bow tie. It is very important to preserve the formality and to properly execute the way you look. Not only you look pleasing into your own eyes but most especially to the eyes of others around you. Wearing a bow tie is basically suitable for white tie dress code. In other words, it will well fit to legislative events or any occasions with most highness.


The bow tie fits perfectly if you are wearing an elegant tuxedo, shining shimmering pair of boots and a catchy hair brushed and trimmed neatly. Here, you will learn the amazing bow tie hacks that will greatly help you in storing your bow ties.


·         Electrical Tape Hanger- If you don’t want your bow tie to fall down, you should use an electrical tape and place it in the middle of a hanger. Place your bow tie at the center and you will notice that it will stay in that position for quite some time.


·         Gift Card Hook- Another bow tie hack is by using gift card hook. You can also make your own gift card hook if you don’t want to buy one. Just hang your bow tie in the hook and you can be sure that it won’t fall.


·         Foam Tape on Binder Clip- If you want your bow tie to have a safe storage, all you need to do is to place a foam tape in a binder clip and hang your bow tie there. By doing this, you are assured that your bow tie is safe and properly stored.


·         Roll in Empty Bottle- If you have empty bottles of soda at home, just cut it at the middle and store your bow tie inside the empty bottle. In this way, you can clearly see what color of bow tie you want to use.


These are just some of the amazing bow tie hacks that you do to make sure that your bow ties are properly and neatly stored.



Bret Rakfeldt